Best City Pass for Vienna | Compare Prices & Included Activities

Best City Pass for Vienna

A city pass may offer you a variety of benefits and can be an efficient way to save money and maximize your time in a new city

However, deciding on the most suitable Vienna city pass might be tricky with so many possibilities. 

As a result, we've put up a handy guide with a comparison table of the most popular Vienna City Pass alternatives to help you decide which city pass card is ideal for you.

Let's get started!

Vienna City Pass Options: A Comparison Table

See the Vienna City Pass comparison table below for a quick overview of the most popular Vienna city pass options, including their services and benefits:

Vienna City Card

Vienna Pass

Vienna Flexi-Pass

Vienna Go City Explorer Pass


Vienna City Card
Vienna Pass
Vienna Flexi-Pass
Vienna Go City Explorer Pass





Public Transports

70+ Attractions

Optional Selection

Optional Selection


24, 48, 72 Hours

1-6 Days

60 Days

60 Days


Digital Pass

Digital Pass


Digital Pass



From 17.00 €


87 to 189 €

From 47 to 89 €

From 64 to 154 €

Details of Vienna City Pass Options

1. Vienna City Card starting from €17

Vienna City Card

The Vienna City Card, an official product of the Vienna Tourist Office, is a ticket for public transport and offers mobility and discounts. With over 25 years of use, it offers free and unlimited public transit for 24, 48, or 72 hours, as well as airport transfers and 24-hour bus tickets. The card can be obtained online, printed, or exchanged for a real card in Vienna. Prices start at €17.

What Does the Vienna City Card Offer You? 

  •  24, 48 or 72h use public transportIn Vienna, Vienna City Card provides public transit.
  • Discount on 200+ attractions: Advantage of savings at museums, tourist attractions, and more. These discounts are valid for up to 7 days after they are issued.
  • Discount on Hotels: Selected hotels provide a significant 20% discount on the daily lodging fee.
  • Discount on RestaurantsIndulge in Vienna's culinary pleasures with a 20% discount at participating restaurants, enhancing dining experiences.
  • Digital Card for the smartphone: You don’t need a physical card, an online card is available
  • Airport transfer; Optional extras: include an airport shuttle for a stress-free arrival or departure.
  • Optional: 24h hop-on/hop-off bus: 24-hour Hop-On Hop-Off bus ticket that allows you to explore Vienna's greatest attractions at your own speed

The Vienna City Card is authorised and recognised, and it provides a sustainable and eco-friendly method to travel to the city.


  •  Unlimited Public Transportation: Throughout your stay, you will have free and unrestricted access to public transportation.
  • Discounts at Museums and Tourist Attractions: Discover Vienna's rich cultural legacy by taking advantage of exceptional discounts at museums, tourist attractions, and more. These discounts are valid for up to 7 days after they are issued.
  • 20% Off Daily Accommodation: Selected hotels provide a significant 20% discount on daily rates, allowing you to stay comfortably and affordably.
  • Dining Discounts: Enjoy a 20% discount at participating restaurants while indulging in Vienna's gastronomic wonders. Enjoy your taste sensations while saving money.
  • Optional Extras: such as a 24-hour hop-on, hop-off bus ticket or airport transportation to enhance your experience. Make your itinerary according to your preferences.
  • Certified and Sustainable: You can be sure that the Vienna City Card has been certified and approved, thereby providing a sustainable and ecologically responsible way to explore the city.

With the Vienna City Card, you can make the most of your time in Vienna by accessing flexibility, savings, and an unforgettable trip.

Where Can I Buy the Vienna City Card? 

The Vienna City Card is only available online.

2. Vienna Pass Starting From 87 to 189

Vienna Pass

Vienna Sightseeing's Vienna Pass offers free entry to over 70 attractions, including Schönbrunn Palace, the Vienna Giant Ferris Wheel, and Belvedere Palace, and unlimited hop-on, hop-off bus access, saving money and time. The cost ranges between €87 to €189 for adults.

What Does the Vienna Pass Offer You? 

  • Free admission to 70+ attractionsEnjoy free admission to over 70 attractions, including iconic landmarks and museums.
  • Fast Track Entry: Benefit from skip the line entry, skipping the line at select attractions for a smoother experience
  • Hop-on/hop-off bus & shippingExplore the city with the inclusive hop-on/hop-off bus, offering convenient transportation and sightseeing opportunities.
  • Valid for 1, 2, 3 or 6 daysChoose from 1, 2, 3, or 6-day pass options to suit your itinerary and duration of stay.
  • Pick-up in Vienna or mobile pass for smartphone: Conveniently pick up your city pass in Vienna or opt for a mobile pass, easily accessible on your smartphone.


  •  Enjoy unlimited trips on four hop-on hop-off routes that cover all of Vienna's biggest sights and monuments.
  • Take advantage of 50 stops carefully placed at short intervals across the city to guarantee quick access to your chosen locations.
  • Stay connected with free Wi-Fi on board, which allows you to share your experiences and stay in touch with loved ones.
  • Enjoy Vienna's rich history and culture with the free audio guide, which provides fascinating commentary while you explore 16 languages.
  • Keep your kids involved with the kids' channel, which is accessible in English and German and ensures a fun-filled journey for the entire family.
  • The app-guided walking tour, which provides comprehensive insights into Vienna's hidden treasures and lesser-known locations, will enhance your experience.

The Vienna PASS includes a guidebook, an app, and a bonus booklet. The guidebook and app are full of useful information, inside information, and exclusive discounts. With your bonus booklet, you can receive attractive savings at exclusive partners.

Where Can I Buy the Vienna Pass Card? 

The Vienna Pass Card is available for purchase online here or on-site at VIENNA SIGHTSEEING & VIENNA PASS Service Centre.

3. Vienna Flexi-Pass Starting From 47 to 89

Vienna Flexi-Pass

This sightseeing city pass allows you to choose your journey from among more than 40 attractionsChoose 2, 3, 4, or 5 attractions that you interest, and pay just for what you choose.

The Vienna Flexi Pass includes exclusive entry to Schönbrunn Palace, a 24-hour hop-on/hop-off bus ticket, and fast access to specific locations. When you buy the pass online, you can explore Vienna at your own speed while saving money on individual tickets. The card is valid for 60 days and costs between €47 to €89. 

Important: Before you begin your adventure, you must pick up the real ticket in Vienna. You will receive a booking confirmation after paying, which you can exchange for a real card at the pick-up location.

What Does the Vienna Flexi Pass Offer You? 

  • Create your own trip by choosing 2–5 engaging activities from a variety of over 40 diverse attractions.
  • City tour with a quick Hop-on/Hop-off bus tour and Danube river cruise.
  • Free entrance to certain attractions.
  • Extended validity term of 60 days following activation, giving you plenty of time to explore and taste each selected activity.


  • Choose 2 - 5 from 40+ attractionsCreate your own journey by choosing 2–5 enthralling encounters from over 40 attractions.
  • Hop-on/hop-off bus and Danube ride: Discover the splendour of Vienna with a fun Hop-on/Hop-off bus tour and a scenic Danube cruise.
  • Priority admission to some attractionsTake advantage of the extra benefit of complimentary entry to certain attractions, which will enhance your discovery even more.
  • Valid for 60 days after activationTake advantage of a large validity term of 60 days, giving you plenty of time to savour each chosen event.
  • Pick-up in Vienna requiredBegin your wonderful tour by picking up your pass in Vienna, the starting point for your incredible excursion.

Where Can I Buy the Vienna Flexi Pass Card? 

You can purchase the Vienna Flexi Pass online here prior to your trip or on-site at VIENNA SIGHTSEEING. 

Following your purchase, you will receive a booking confirmation, which you may print and exchange for your real card at the Vienna pick-up location.

4. Vienna Go City Explorer Pass Starting From 64 to 154

Vienna Go City Explorer Pass

The Vienna Explorer Pass is a flexible digital pass that allows users to select from over 45 attractions while saving 35% off individual tickets. With 60 days of access from the first attraction, this all-in-one pass allows customers to enjoy Vienna's rich culture and history. The cost ranges between €64 to €154 for adults.

Important: Please keep in mind that certain trips and attractions might need pre-bookings, so plan accordingly. Simply show your pass at each location and you're in!

What Does the Go City Explorer Pass Offer You? 

  • Create your own experience by selecting your favorite attractions (2 - 7).
  • Guided Tour: The City Explorer Pass includes a guided tour of the spectacular Schönbrunn Palace, a handy hop-on/hop-off bus service, a thrilling trip on the world-famous Vienna Giant Ferris wheel, and an informative Sisi Tour.
  • Digital Card for the smartphone: You don’t need a physical card, an online card is available
  • Vienna Explorer Pass is valid 60 days after the first usage.


  • Choose 2 - 7 from 40+ attractionsThe Vienna Explorer Pass unlocks the potential of Vienna by allowing you to choose 2–7 exceptional experiences from a broad range of over 40 attractions.
  • Hop-on/Hop-off Bus & Vienna Giant Ferris Wheel Guided tour of Schönbrunn PalaceDiscover the city's highlights with the convenience of a Hop-on/Hop-off Bus, allowing you to explore at your own pace, and take in breathtaking panoramic views from the Vienna Giant Ferris Wheel.
  • Valid for 60 days from first useMake the most of your Vienna Explorer Pass, which is valid for an astonishing 60 days from the date of purchase, giving you plenty of time to savour each excursion and immerse yourself in the city's charm.
  • Digital Card for the smartphone: Easily access your pass with the digital card, designed for the portability of your smartphone, giving you simple admittance to your chosen attractions and boosting your discovery of Vienna.

Where Can I Buy the Vienna Go City Explorer Pass

Before or during your journey, you can purchase the Vienna Go City Explorer Pass online here!  

Conclusion: Which City Pass for Vienna is best for you? 

  • If you are looking to save money, The Vienna Pass offers the most discounts, at least in the longer varieties. The Vienna Pass for 6 days is the most affordable. It is the most expensive option, but you get a great deal for your money and can save a lot of time if you do a lot of touring and take advantage of other offerings throughout the period of time. Other Vienna passes might also help you save money. However, the savings in each case are minor.
  • If you want to visit as many attractions as possible, The Vienna Pass is Vienna's most complete city passMore than 70 attractions are free to see. As a result, this pass is best suited for those who want to see as much as possible. The Go City All-Inclusive Pass is also perfect for those who wish to do a lot of sightseeing. However, the selection is relatively limited compared to the Vienna Pass.
  • If you want to visit only the most important attractions, The Vienna Flexi Pass is best for you. With the Flexi Pass, you can choose between three and five attractions - most of the city's important sights are included.
  • If you want your pass to include public transport, The Vienna City Card is a mobility card because with it you can use Vienna local transport an unlimited number of times and book a transfer from the airport to the city as well as 24 hours with the hop-on/hop-off bus. With the Vienna City Card, you can get almost anywhere.

FAQ - City Pass for Vienna

How much does a Vienna City Pass cost?

The cost depends on the services included. The lowest city pass, which covers public transit and discounts, is only 17,- Euro. Other tickets that include multiple free attractions range in price from 47,- to 89,- Euro. Only the most comprehensive Vienna Pass costs more than 100,- Euro.

Can I visit the sights several times?

No, each attraction can only be visited onceOnly the hop-on/hop-off buses can be utilised as many times as you like in a single day.

Which Vienna Pass is the best?

Each Vienna City Pass has benefits as well as drawbacks, therefore each package is best suited to different population groups.  However, we strongly recommend the Vienna Pass since it is the most comprehensive Vienna City Pass, with nothing left out.

Can I use public transport with a Vienna Pass?

Only the Vienna City Card is also valid as a ticket for public transport. However, with the Vienna Card, you cannot visit sights for free.

Are the city pass cards cheaper ON-SITE in Vienna?

In Vienna, city pass cards are not cheaper on-site. Rather, special deals and discounts can be found online from time to time.

Are there discounted Vienna Pass Card options for children and youth?

Children under the age of 6 do not require any Vienna Pass Card. Furthermore, several attractions already provide free or discounted entry. With a Vienna Pass Card, children may accompany adults for free. Also, cards are available for children and young people from 6 to 18 years

Now that you have the information to make an informed decision, you are ready to choose the best city pass for Vienna for your needs.

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