15 Beautiful Theaters in Vienna [with Map]

15 Theater in Wien

Vienna's reputation as a theater city precedes it.

The Vienna Opera is world famous.

There are also numerous other theaters and stages in Vienna. Here is a small selection.

1. Burgtheater

What can I do in the Burgtheater

Burgtheater is not only Austria's national theater, it is also the largest spoken theater in Europe and the most important German-language stage. The origins of Burgtheater go back to 1741, when the theater was opened by order of Empress Maria Theresa. 
In summer, Burgtheater serves as a venue for the ImPlusTanz dance festival, which is considered the largest European dance event. Productions from other important European theaters are often invited, such as from the Thalia Theater in Hamburg.

Address: Universitätsring 2, A - 1010 Vienna

2. People's Theater

Volkstheater in Vienna, Austria

Opposite the Natural History Museum near the Museums Quarter and Spittelberg is Volkstheater, built in 1889 in the historicist style and the sister building of the Hamburg Theater. The large auditorium, which is intended to represent a democratic alternative to the aristocratic court theater with just a few boxes, is one of the last in Vienna to be preserved in its original condition.

The repertoire includes not only Austrian but also German and international classics as well as contemporary arrangements. Volkstheater houses the iconic "Red Bar", a theater café with crystal chandeliers and velvet curtains, which originally served as a break room.

Address: Arthur-Schnitzler-Platz 1, 1070 Vienna

3. Vienna State Opera

How do I get to the State Opera

The Vienna State Opera, the "First House on the Ring," is one of the most famous opera houses in the world. It was inaugurated on May 25, 1869 with a premiere of Mozart's Don Giovanni. The world-famous opera house in Neo-Renaissance style impresses with its magnificent architecture.

The State Opera offers a daily changing program on almost 300 evenings a year, and the range of opera programs is unrivaled internationally. The chorus of the Vienna State Opera employs 92 professional singers on a permanent basis.

The famous Opera Ball takes place here every year, usually on the last Thursday before Ash Wednesday, which attracts over 5,000 guests every year.

Address: Opernring 2, 1010 Vienna

4. Theater in the Josefstadt

Theater in der Josefstadt in Vienna's 8th district was founded in 1788, making it the oldest theater in Vienna that is still in use. The new theater was opened with Ludwig van Beethoven's overture "The Consecration of the House", conducted by Beethoven himself.

The history of the theater is connected with many big names, Richard Wagner conducted here, Johann Strauss (father) played in the halls. When it was remodeled in 1924, the theater was outfitted with red damasks, gold ornaments and ornate chandeliers. Today, premieres and first performances as well as contemporary interpretations are performed in over 700 performances per season in the 580-seat house.

Address: Josefstädter Str. 26, 1080 Vienna

5. Academy Theater

Academy Theater was built between 1911 and 1913. The opening took place in September 1922 with Goethe's "Iphigenie auf Tauris". Since then, Academy Theater has been a small venue of the Burgtheater, which uses it as a chamber play stage. The performance of mainly contemporary plays and contemporary dramatists make the stage particularly interesting for young audiences.

Address: Lisztstrasse 1, A - 1030 Vienna

6. Rabenhof Theater

Originally used as a cinema, Rabenhof Theater was converted into a theater with 300 seats in the 1980s. Today it is a contemporary, urban folk theater.

The range of performances is diverse and ranges from contemporary political satire and literary evenings to children's theater, drama and musicals to baroque opera. International literary stars can be found here as well as the stars of the local theater, cabaret and film & television scene, and newcomers are also given a chance.

The content, like the locations, has a strong connection to Austrian topics from real life. The lecture in the Viennese dialect creates additional audience proximity.

Address: Rabengasse 3, A - 1030 Vienna

7. Chamber plays

This traditional stage in the center of Vienna has existed for over 100 years. Over time it has evolved into a modern theater whose set design aesthetic is chic and young.

In the 422-seat theater mainly contemporary authors are performed. With critical literature and courageous contemporary drama, socio-politically relevant topics are treated with humor, irony and lightness. Comedies with big Austrian theater stars are also performed here.

Address: Rotenturmstrasse 20, A – 1010 Vienna

8. Raimund Theater

Raimund Theater in Vienna Austria

Named after the Austrian playwright Ferdinand Raimund, the theater dates back to 1893 when it opened as a civic theater. It has belonged to the United Theaters Vienna since 1987. The stage is mainly a venue for large musical productions.

Address: Wallgasse 18-20, A - 1060 Vienna

9. Ronacher Theater

Ronacher Theater in Vienna, Austria

Opened in September 1872, the building built as the Vienna City Theater was intended to be a bourgeois theater that could compete with the imperial court theaters without censorship. After it burned down in 1884, the ruins were bought two years later by Anton Ronacher, who built a new establishment, which initially even had chairs and tables, and where people ate and drank during the performances.

After numerous conversions, it was used as a guest theater for international productions and festivals for a number of years.

In 2008, Ronacher Theater was finally expanded into a musical stage, as it is still used today. Along with Raimund Theater and the Theater an der Wien, it is the venue of the United Stages Vienna.

Address: Seilerstätte 9, A - 1010 Vienna

10. Urania Puppet Theater

Two elementary school teachers, Hans and Marianne Kraus, founded the puppet theater, which gave its first performance in July 1950. Hans Kraus carved the puppets himself, wrote the lyrics and acted and voiced most of the male roles, while Marianne Kraus sewed the costumes and played the female roles, including Pezi the bear, who became a crowd favorite. The Urania puppet theater has also been on ORF television since 1957. The Kasperltheater is the world's oldest television children's show.

Kasperl and Pezi still experience countless adventures in the Urania puppet theater today, "Cinderella" and "The Bremen Town Musicians" as well as exciting adventure stories are on the program.

Address: Uraniastrasse 1, A - 1010 Vienna

11. Dschungel Vienna Theater House for Children

Jungle Vienna in Vienna in Austria

Children from the age of two to teenagers and young adults are the target audience of this theater in the Museums Quartier of Vienna. With its diverse productions, the theater wants to encourage young people to reflect on society and to deal with social developments. The program ranges from drama to dance, storytelling, speech-figure and music theater to opera and performances.

In the integrated jungle café, children's meals are offered and there is a play corner.

Address: MuseumsQuartier Wien, Museumsplatz 1, 1070 Vienna

12. Theater in Vienna

Theater an der Linke Wienzeile Theater an der Wien, in Vienna, Austria

In the traditional Theater an der Linke Wienzeile Theater an der Wien, which has been nicknamed "The New Opera House" since 2006, operas from the Baroque and Classical periods are performed at the highest level and in contemporary aesthetics.

As an opera house with stage operations, there is a premiere almost every month, as well as concert operas and concerts. The theater currently has more than 1,100 seats

Address: Linke Wienzeile 6, 1060 Vienna

13. Vienna's English Theater

Founded in 1963, Vienna's English Theater is Europe's oldest English-language theater outside of the UK. In the ballroom of the house, which was built around the turn of the century, there is a ceiling painting that is considered a special example of Austrian neo-baroque.

World premieres of comedies, thrillers, farces, English and American classics, musicals, dramas and contemporary works have made the theater internationally known. Well-known theater and film stars have been guests, including Linda Gray, Larry Hagman and Anthony Quinn.

Address: Josefsgasse 12, A - 1080 Vienna

14. Marionette Theater at Schönbrunn Palace

The handmade figures of the marionette theater founded in 1994 in the Court Council Tract of Schönbrunn Palace measure 80 centimeters and are painstakingly made in the in-house workshops in cooperation with prominent directors, stage and costume designers.

Playing with marionettes has a long tradition in Schönbrunn. Even during Mozart's lifetime, the marionette theater founded by Prince Esterházy played here with great success at the invitation of Empress Maria Theresa.

Today, theatrical performances and operas for adults and children are held here, in addition to WA Mozart's Magic Flute and Johann Strauss's Fledermaus, children are entertained with "Hansel and Gretel" and "Aladdin".

Address: Schönbrunn Palace, Hofratstrakt, 1130 Vienna

15. Akzent Theater 

In 1989, Akzent Theater, whose post-modern architectural style was initially rejected, was founded by the Vienna Chamber of Labor. The program is characterized by its diversity and ranges from concerts, cabaret, theater and children's theater to readings, productions of the Vienna Festival and live broadcasts.

The focus is on current social issues. The promotion of young talent is very important, in addition to well-known artists there are also many unknown faces on the stage.

Address: Theresianumgasse 18, 1040 Vienna

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