65 Best Things to Do in Vienna [with Tickets & Map]

100 sights in Vienna in Austria

For your journey of discovery through Vienna, we have compiled a list of the 65 best things to do in and around Vienna.

From palaces and museums to churches, nature havens, and entertainment hubs, to iconic buildings and unforgettable experiences, you will find everything your heart desires.

Thanks to numerous hidden gems and a selection of popular tickets, our overview ensures that you won't miss a moment of the magic of the former residence city of the Habsburgs.

Let our expertly crafted selection be your compass to discover your favorites among the best things to do in Vienna!

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1. Hofburg Imperial Palace

Hofburg in Vienna in Austria

The magnificent Hofburg Imperial Palace from the 13th century in the heart of Vienna is the largest castle complex in the world. As the former residence and center of power of the Habsburgs, it bears witness to the imperial past of the former Danube monarchy like no other building, and is therefore one of the most important sights in Vienna.

Today, the official residence of the Austrian Federal President, a congress center, the national library, the Spanish Riding School and numerous museums, including the Imperial Apartments with the Sisi Museum and the Court Silver Collection, are located in the huge palace complex.

Popular Ticket Options:

  • Skip-the-Line Hofburg Ticket & Sisi Museum Tour in a small group: Book here!
  • Hofburg and Empress Sisi Museum Guided Tour: Book your tour here! (recommended)
  • Hofburg, Sisi Museum & Imperial Apartments Tour: Buy your ticket now!
  • Vienna Pass with free admission to the Hofburg (Imperial Apartments, Sisi Museum, Silver Chamber): Buy here!

Best Ticket Options:

  • Tickets for Vienna: Skip-the-Line Sisi Museum, Hofburg Palace and Gardens Tour: Book here!
  • Tickets for Hofburg Palace and Sisi Museum: Guided Tour: Book in advance!
  • Tickets for Sisi Museum Hofburg Vienna: Small-group Guided Tour with Priority Entrance: Buy your ticket here!
  • Tickets for Imperial Treasury: Book your ticket here!
  • Tickets for Kunsthistorisches Museum & Imperial Treasury: Skip The Line: Buy here!

2. Schönbrunn Palace & Maze, Labyrinth and Labyrinthikon

Schönbrunn Palace Children's Museum & maze, labyrinth and labyrinth icon

The most visited attraction in Vienna is the impressive Schönbrunn Palace. The former summer residence of the Habsburg imperial family is one of the most beautiful baroque palace complexes in Europe and, together with the palace park, including the oldest zoo in the world, is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site as a baroque synthesis of the arts.

A visit to the maze, labyrinth and Labyrinthikon on the grounds of Schönbrunn Palace is an experience for the whole family. Whoever finds the right way through the high hedges in the maze will be rewarded with a viewing platform. The opposite labyrinth and the Labyrinthikon also provide a lot of fun with numerous attractions and playgrounds.

Popular Ticket Options:

  • Ticket for a Schönbrunn Palace & Gardens Skip-the-Line Tour: Book here! (recommended)
  • Tickets for an exclusive evening at Schönbrunn Palace; audio tour outside opening hours, 3-course dinner & classical concert: Book in advance now!
  • Strudel show with tasting at Schönbrunn Palace: Book here!
  • Skip-the-Line: Schönbrunn Palace & Vienna City Tour: Book now!
  • Skip-the-Line Ticket for Schönbrunn Zoo: Book here!

Best Ticket Options:

3. Belvedere Palace

Belvedere Museum in Vienna in Austria

The Baroque Belvedere Palace consists of two separate palaces, the Lower Belvedere and the Upper Belvedere, which are connected by a shared garden. The former summer residence of the Austrian general, Prince Eugene of Savoy, now houses Austria's most important art collection and the world's largest Klimt collection.

The magnificent palace garden in the baroque style completes the fairytale palace ensemble and is perfect for a stroll. Works by internationally renowned artists are on display in the sculpture garden at Belvedere 21. Strolling around, you can admire the symmetrical floral arrangements, water basins, a pond, and intricately trimmed hedges.

Popular Ticket Options:

  • Book your ticket for the Upper Belvedere, including Klimt's Kiss and the Permanent Collection: Get in advance here!

Best Ticket Options:

  • Tickets for Belvedere Palace: Upper Belvedere: Book here!
  • Tickets for Belvedere Palace: Lower Belvedere: Book in advance!
  • Tickets for Belvedere 21: Museum of Contemporary Art: Buy now!
  • Diamond Bundle: Belvedere Palace & Swarovski Crystal Worlds: Book now!
  • Upper Belvedere Palace: Skip The Line Ticket + Guided Tour: Get your tickets here!

4. Prater 

Bohemian Prater in Vienna in Austria

Prater in the heart of Vienna is much more than just an amusement park. It is one of the city's green lungs and a popular recreation area for locals and tourists alike. At the same time, Vienna Prater is also a popular sports facility and even offers excursions into space at the planetarium.

This Viennese landmark provides ultimate fun, especially with its amusement park, the Wurstelpraterwhich has been around since the early 19th centuryThe main attraction is of course the Vienna Giant Ferris Wheel. Schweizerhaus, which serves typical Austrian cuisine, takes care of your physical well-being.

Popular Ticket Options:

5. Vienna Giant Ferris Wheel

Prater & Wiener Riesenrad in Vienna in Austria

One of the most popular sights in Vienna is located in Prater: Vienna Giant Ferris WheelIt was built on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Emperor Franz Joseph I's accession to the throne and is today the symbol of the imperial city. 

At the highest point of the wheel, at a height of 64.75 meters, you can enjoy an incomparable view over Vienna. During the 15-minute drive, there is plenty of time to capture incredible shots and admire the city from a bird's-eye view.

Popular Ticket Options:

  • Skip-the-cashier-desk-line Ticket for a Vienna Giant Ferris Wheel ride : Secure your ticket now! (Most popular option)
  • Sightseeing Tour on Hop-On/Hop-Off Bus with Optional Giant Ferris Wheel Ride: Book here!
  • Flexipass for 2, 3, 4 or 5 top sights (ride on Ferris Wheel selectable): Buy your Flexipass here!
  • Vienna PASS including ride on the Vienna Giant Ferris Wheel: Buy here!

6. Schönbrunn Zoo

Schönbrunn Zoo in Vienna in Austria

Schönbrunn Zoo is located on the grounds of the famous Schönbrunn Palace and is the oldest zoo in the world. It was opened in 1752 by Emperor Franz I Stephan of Lorraine, Maria Theresa's husband, as an imperial menagerie.

Not only is it part of the Schönbrunn UNESCO World Heritage Site, it has also been named “Best Zoo in Europe” five times in a row. In the zoo, a train commutes between the Emperor's breakfast pavilion, the elephant house and the Tyrolean Court.

Popular Ticket Options:

  • Skip-the-Line Ticket for Schönbrunn Zoo: Book here! (Most popular option)
  • Schönbrunn Children's Museum Tour with Zoo Option: Buy now!
  • Vienna PASS with free admission to Schönbrunn Zoo: Buy here!

Best Ticket Options:

7. Spanish Riding School

Spanish Riding School in Vienna in Austria

The horsemanship of the Spanish Riding School has been part of the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage since 2015. The Spanish Riding School is the only institution in the world that preserves the horsemanship traditions by dedicating itself to the classic training and dressage of Lipizzaner horses. Spectators can watch the “dancing” horses train to classical music during a visit to the “morning work”, the daily morning training of the Lipizzaners.

Popular Ticket Options:

  • Guided tour of the Spanish Riding School: Book in advance now!
  • Ticket for the Training at the Spanish Riding School: Buy here! (Most popular option)
  • Performance of the Lipizzaners at the Spanish Riding School: Book here!
  • Combo Ticket: Imperial Treasury & Training at the Spanish Riding School: Book now!
  • Tour of the Spanish Riding School: From the Stables to Attic Roofs: Get your ticket here!

Best Ticket Options:

  • Tickets for Horse Training at the Spanish Riding School: Book your ticket in advance!
  • Tickets for Guided Tour at the Spanish Riding School: Book now!
  • Tickets for Lipizzaner Performance at the Spanish Riding School: Book here!
  • Tickets for Architectural Tour at the Spanish Riding School: Buy here!
  • Vienna FLEXI Pass: Save 30% on Your Choice of 2-5 Top Attractions including Spanish Riding School: Book here!

8. St. Stephen's Cathedral

History of St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna in Austria

The imposing St. Stephen's Cathedral, affectionately called "Steffl" by the Viennese, is one of the most famous landmarks and most popular sights in Vienna. The impressive Gothic building in the heart of the city is the most famous church in the imperial city and probably in all of Austria.

In addition to the breathtaking architecture, in which the patterned tiled roof and the striking south tower stand out, the mother church of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Vienna also impresses with its cathedral treasure, the magnificent view and the catacombs.

Popular Ticket Options:

Best Ticket Option:

  • Tickets for St. Stephen's Cathedral & Dom Museum Wien + Audio Guides: Book here now!

9. Imperial Treasury

Imperial Treasury in Vienna, Austria

The Imperial Treasury is located in the Swiss Wing, the oldest part of the Vienna Hofburg. With its valuable exhibits, the treasury, which is divided into a secular and a spiritual treasury, is one of the most important collections in the world.

Highlights are the insignia and jewels of the Holy Roman Empire, such as the imperial crown and the Holy Lance, the crown of Emperor Rudolf II, which later became the Austrian Imperial Crown, as well as precious jewels and the agate bowl, which was considered the legendary Holy Grail.

Popular Ticket Options:

  • Imperial Treasury ticket at the Hofburg Imperial Palace: Buy here!
  • Combo ticket for the Imperial Treasury, the Kunsthistorisches Museum & Kunstkammer Vienna: Buy your combo ticket here!
  • Combo Ticket: Imperial Treasury & Training at the Spanish Riding School: Book now!
  • Private Tour of the Hofburg Imperial Palace with the Imperial Treasury + Highlights of the Old Town: Book here!

Best Ticket Options:

  • Tickets for Imperial Treasury: Book your ticket here!
  • Tickets for Kunsthistorisches Museum & Imperial Treasury: Skip The Line: Buy here!
  • 10. Imperial Apartments, Sisi Museum & Silver Chamber

    Sisi Museum in Vienna in Austria

    The Imperial Apartments in the Vienna Imperial Palace offer visitors a glimpse into the private chambers of Emperor Franz Joseph I and his wife Elisabeth, also known as Sisi. The tour shows the dining room, bedroom and audience room of the imperial family.

    The Sisi Museum, dedicated to the life of Empress Elisabeth, has been affiliated since 2004. It displays personal items such as clothing, umbrellas, fans and beauty recipes and gives visitors a better idea of the real life of the empress, who went down in Austrian history as a myth.

    Popular Ticket Options:

    Best Ticket Options:

    • Tickets for Vienna: Skip-the-Line Sisi Museum, Hofburg Palace and Gardens Tour: Book here!
    • Tickets for Hofburg Palace and Sisi Museum: Guided Tour: Book in advance!
    • Tickets for Sisi Museum Hofburg Vienna: Small-group Guided Tour with Priority Entrance: Buy your ticket here!

    11. Viennese Cuisine

    Viennese cuisine in Vienna in Austria

    Viennese cuisine offers some classic dishes that are a definite must-try! The famous Wiener Schnitzel, prepared from veal, tastes especially good at Figlmüller or Gasthaus Pöschl. Another highlight is Tafelspitz, the favorite dish of Emperor Joseph I. It is recommended at Restaurant Plachutta or Rudi's Beisl.

    For those with a sweet tooth, there is the famous Viennese Sachertorte, invented at Café Sacher. Also not to be missed is the traditional Kaiserschmarrn with plum roast, which tastes great at Café Central or Café der Gloriette in Schönbrunn. Of course, the Viennese apple strudel should not be missed, which is best enjoyed at the Hofzuckerbäckerei Demel.

    Popular Ticket Options:

    • Tickets for an exclusive evening at Schönbrunn Palace: 3-course dinner, after-hours audio tour & classical concert: Secure your seat now!
    • Traditional Dinner Show at the Vienna Rathauskeller: Book here!
    • Strudel Show with Tasting at Schönbrunn Palace: Buy now! (Most popular option)
    • Culinary Experience at Restaurant Stefanie: Book here!
    • Naschmarkt Food Tasting Tour: Book here!
    • 4-hour Food Tour with tastings: Book now!

    12. Classical Concert

    Vienna Philharmonic in Vienna, Austria

    Anyone visiting the world capital of music should not miss a classical concert to immerse themselves deeply in Viennese culture. Vienna offers a wide selection of historic venues and some of the most renowned orchestras in the world.

    Most notable is the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, founded in 1842. They regularly thrill audiences with Viennese classical music at the tradition-rich Wiener Musikverein concert hall. In addition, the Karlskirche and Schönbrunn Palace also offer a unique atmosphere in which masterpieces by Mozart, Beethoven and Strauss can be heard.

    Popular Ticket Options:

    13. Hop on Hop off Bustour

    Immerse yourself in the rich heritage of the imperial city of Vienna with a relaxing Hop-On Hop-Off bus tour! The sightseeing tour in a comfortable double-decker bus is the ideal way to experience the diversity of Vienna on your own.

    Thanks to numerous strategic stops, you can hop on and off as you please and discover attractions such as the Hofburg Palace, Schönbrunn Palace and St. Stephen's Cathedral from up close. During the ride, the multilingual audio commentary entertains you with exciting stories about Vienna's fascinating past and culture.

    Popular Ticket Options:

    14. Kunsthistorisches Museum

    Art History Museum in Vienna, Austria

    The Kunsthistorisches Museum (Art History Museum) was built in 1891 to house the rich collections of the Habsburg monarchyToday, it presents one of the largest art collections in the world. 

    The world's largest Bruegel collection and works of art by the "Old Masters" such as Rembrandt, Michelangelo, Caravaggio and Titian deserve special mention. Appropriately, the magnificent interior of the building also impresses with its richly decorated interiors, domes and neoclassical staircases.

    Popular Ticket Options:

    • Entrance Ticket to the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna: Buy here!
    • Kunsthistorisches Museum - KHM : Skip The Line Entry Ticket: Book here!
    • Combo ticket for the Imperial Treasury, the Kunsthistorisches Museum & Kunstkammer Vienna: Buy your combo ticket here!
    • Combo Ticket for the Kunsthistorisches Museum & Leopold Museum: Book now!

    15. Mozarthaus Vienna

    Mozart House in Vienna, Austria

    At Domgasse No. 5 stands the Mozart House, which was the residence of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart from 1784 to 1787. His apartment was on the first floor. Of a total of 11 places where Mozart lived in Vienna, this is the only one that has survived to this day.

    It is said that Mozart spent his happiest years here. He also composed the operas "Don Giovanni" and "The Marriage of Figaro" in this apartment. Today, visitors can view fascinating objects related to his years in Vienna on three floors.

    Popular Ticket Options:

    16. UNESCO Cultural Heritage Viennese Coffee House Culture

    UNESCO cultural heritage Viennese coffee house culture in Vienna in Austria

    At least since 2011, when the tradition of Viennese coffee house culture was declared an intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO, it has been proven: Viennese coffee houses are not just cafés. The tradition of Viennese coffee house culture is characterized by a very special atmosphere. But the coziness and the time that you take when you visit a coffee house are also important.

    The world-famous Café Sacher - birthplace of the Sachertorte, Meinl on Graben, Café Imperial - known for the Imperial Torte, and Café Sperl with its delicious pastries deserve special mention.

    Popular Ticket Options:

    • 4.5-hour Market Discovery tour with food, coffee & English-speaking local: Book here! (Most popular option)
    • 3-Hour Guided Viennese Coffee House Tour with 3 specialty coffees, strudel and more: Book online!
    • Tradition of Viennese Coffee Experience with waiter in a local coffee house, Viennese coffee and sweets: Book here!
    • 2-hour Sweet Vienna Tour: Home of Cakes and Cafe Culture (without tastings): Book now!
    • 2.5-Hour Viennese Coffee, Cake, and Chocolate Tour: Book here!

    17. Natural History Museum

    Natural History Museum in Vienna, Austria

    The Natural History Museum, opposite the Art History Museum, houses one of the largest natural science collections in Europe. The museum, which was originally located in the Hofburg Palace, is one of the most important natural history museums in the world. The new building was constructed according to plans by Gottfried and Carl Semper and opened in 1789 by Emperor Franz Joseph I.

    Today, you can see more than 100,000 exhibits in 39 exhibition rooms. Since 2014, a digital planetarium has been one of the museum's main attractions. Other highlights are the dinosaur hall and the statue of Venus von Willendorf.

    18. Albertina 

    Albertina in Vienna in Austria

    The Albertina art museum in Vienna's city center is located in an impressive palace built by Duke Albert of Saxe-Teschen, a son-in-law of Empress Maria Theresia. The largest residential palace of the Habsburg dynasty, which is worth seeing in itself, today houses the largest and most valuable graphic collection in the world

    Works by world-renowned artists including Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael, Rembrandt, Monet, Degas, Cézanne, Picasso and Klimt can be admired here. In addition, visitors can take a look at some of the state rooms of the Habsburgs.

    19. Naschmarkt 

    Naschmarkt in Vienna, Austria

    Naschmarkt in the 6th district of Vienna is the largest inner-city market with a length of around 5 kilometers. There has been a market here since the 16th century. Today, Naschmarkt is a well-known sight in Vienna and is perfect for a gourmet tour. This must-see place offers you various national and international gastronomic delights in an incomparable atmosphere. There is also a flea market on Saturdays at weekends.

    20. House of Music

    House of Music in Vienna, Austria

    The House of Music Sound Museum (Haus der Musik) was opened in 2000 and is located in the historic old town in the Palais Archduke CarlIt presents the history of music in a multimedia and interactive way, starting with the first human musical instruments up to the present day. If you want, you can even conduct the Vienna Philharmonic yourself or compose your own music. An experience for young and old.

    Popular Ticket Options:

    • Admission Ticket to Haus der Musik: Buy your ticket here!
    • Combo Ticket to Mozarthaus Vienna (incl. audioguide) & Haus der Musik (if option selected): Book here! 
    • Concert of the Imperial Classic Orchestra at Haus der Musik: Book now! (recommended)
    • Family-friendly History for Kids Guided Walking Tour incl. the Imperial Treasury, Haus der Musik & Carriage Ride (depending on option): Book here!

    21. Leopold Museum

    Leopold Museum in Vienna in Austria

    The Leopold Museum is located in the Museums Quartier. It is named after the married couple Elisabeth and Rudolf Leopold, who collected 5000 works of art, including the world's largest Egon Schiele collection, over a period of 50 years. The Leopold Museum is home to one of Austria's most comprehensive collections of modern art and houses works by Egon Schiele, Gustav Klimt, Oskar Kokoschka and Richard Gerstl, among others.

    Popular Ticket Options:

    22. Day trip to Hallstatt

    One of the most popular day trips from Vienna is unquestionably a trip to Hallstatt. A world of idyllic villages, tranquil lakes and majestic alpine landscapes awaits you here. The enchanting region of Salzkammergut attracts visitors with a variety of attractions, including the fairytale Castle Ort, the famous wooden bridge and, of course, the breathtaking highlight - the Skywalk.

    During most tours, you will have the opportunity to explore these places before reaching the picturesque Hallstatt. With its azure lake, incomparable beauty and romantic ambience, the town is sure to captivate all its visitors.

    Popular Ticket Options:

    • From Vienna: Hallstatt and Alpine Peaks Day Trip with Skywalk Lift: Book here! (Most popular option)
    • From Vienna: Panoramic Austrian Alps Tour to Hallstatt with Admont Abbey Ticket: Secure your spot now!
    • From Vienna: Full day Excursion to Hallstatt and Salzkammergut with Boat Trip (in summer): Book now!

    23. Fiaker Ride

    Fiaker in Vienna in Austria

    The Fiaker are two-horse carriages with which tourists and locals ride comfortably through Vienna. Totally kitschy for some, absolutely romantic for others, they are part of the Viennese cityscape and are a popular photo opportunity for many tourists. There are stands for the Viennese rental carriages at various locations in the city. During a tour, you can visit Vienna's city center and listen to exciting stories.

    Popular Ticket Options:

    • Visit a Horse Stable + Fiaker Ride Back to the City Center & Secrets of the Fiaker: Book Tickets Now! (recommended)
    • 30-minute Fiaker Ride through Vienna's Old Town: Book here!
    • Carriage Ride through Schönbrunn Palace Garden: Secure your seat!
    • Mozart Concert with Dinner and Carriage Ride: Book now!

    24. Danube Park & Danube Tower

    Old Danube & Floridsdorf Water Park. Vienna, Austria

    Danube Park is one of the largest parks in the city. In the course of the "Vienna International Garden Show 1964" it was transformed from a former rubbish dump into a park. Numerous attractions, children's playgrounds with sandpits, swings, slides, climbing combinations, ball courts for basketball, game tables with chess boards and skate facilities offer fun for young and old.

    The highlight of the park is the Danube Tower, which offers a breathtaking 360° panoramic view of Vienna. A café and restaurant in the observation tower take care of your physical well-being.

    Popular Ticket Options:

    • Skip-the-Line Entrance Ticket to the Danube Tower: Buy now! (Most popular option)
    • Ride to the top of the Danube Tower + "Paint the Skyline" (create your own souvenir with the help of an artist): Book your ticket here!
    • Flexipass for 2, 3, 4 or 5 top sights (Danube Tower selectable): Buy here!

    25. Karlskirche (Charles Church)

    Karlskirche in Vienna, Austria

    Karlskirche (St. Charles Church), one of the most beautiful and important baroque church buildings in Europe, is enthroned on Karlsplatz. It was founded by Emperor Charles VI, donated as thanks for the end of the plague epidemic that claimed many lives in Vienna in 1713 and designed by the baroque leading architect, Johann Fischer von Erlach.

    The imposing green dome and the two columns, which are reminiscent of Trajan's column in Rome, stand out. Also worth mentioning is the panoramic elevator, thanks to which you can admire the magnificent frescoes inside, as well as the regular church concerts.

    26. Museum of Modern Art Ludwig Foundation Vienna (MumoK)

    Museum of Modern Art Ludwig Foundation Vienna in Austria

    The Museum of Modern Art Ludwig Foundation Vienna (Mumok) is located in the Museums Quartier area and is the largest museum of its kind in Austria. Its exhibitions are dedicated to modern contemporary art and include works by Andy Warhol, Pablo Picasso and Joseph Beuys. A cinema, a library and changing exhibitions complement the museum's offerings. 

    27. Heurige

    Viennese Heurige in Vienna in Austria

    Heurige is a Viennese institution. Young wine is served in a wine bar called Heurige. The name of the wine has its origin in the word Heuer, which means this year. In addition to local wines, regional dishes are also served.

    A particularly large number of wine taverns can be found in the Vienna area, for example in Nussdorf Heiligenstadt, Sievering and in Grinzing. Buschenschanken, as wine taverns are also called, are characterized by a rustic and cozy atmosphere.

    • Tip: You can discover picturesque wine villages with the Vienna Heurigen Express from April to October (weekends only). The route leads from Nussdorf over the Kahlenberg to Grinzing and back.
    • Take a look at our list of the most beautiful Heurigen in Vienna.

    Popular Ticket Options:

    • Heurigen Cruise with Viennese Songs & Buffet: Book now! (recommended)
    • Wachau Valley Day Tour from Vienna with Wine Tasting: Book here! 
    • Half-day Countryside Wine Tour with Meal: Secure your spot!
    • Wine and Bike Tour in the Wachau Valley with Wine Tasting & Train Transfer from Vienna: Book now!
    • Hidden Wine Cellars Tasting Experience: Buy here!
    • Guided Wine Tasting in a Private Wine Cellar: Book now!

    28. Day Trip to Wachau

    Day trip to the Wachau in Vienna in Austria

    With its idyllic vineyards, picturesque landscape and impressive monasteries, Wachau is one of the most popular destinations in Austria. The beautiful Wachau, with the old town of Krems, Melk and Göttweig monasteries, are a UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

    On a day trip from Vienna you can explore the charming valley along the Danube, be impressed by the many wine-growing villages and at the same time unwind. Wachau is also known because the English King Lionheart, whom many associate with Robin Hood, was imprisoned at Dürnstein Castle in Wachau.

    Popular Ticket Options:

    • Wachau Valley Day Tour from Vienna with Wine Tasting: Book here! 
    • Wine and Bike Tour in the Wachau Valley with Wine Tasting & Train Transfer from Vienna: Book now!
    • Wachau, Melk Abbey, and Danube Valleys Tour with Lunch in Winter or Boat Trip in Summer: Book now! (recommended)

    29. Danube River Cruises

    Danube cruises in Vienna, Austria

    Highly recommended during a trip to Vienna is a Danube River CruiseIt is one of the most comfortable and pleasant ways to explore the Austrian capital. During a wonderful trip along the Danube Canal you can enjoy Vienna from the water, see sights from a new perspective and relax at the same time.

    There are a variety of Danube cruises to choose from. A popular option is an evening cruise along the Danube Canal, where you can admire the city at sunset. For wine lovers, there are special Heurigen cruises where you can taste regional wines. If you want to top the boat trip with culinary delights, you should choose a boat trip with typical Austrian food.

    Popular Ticket Options:

    30. Imperial Crypt (Capuchin Crypt)

    Imperial Crypt in Vienna in Austria

    The imperial crypt, also known as the Capuchin crypt, of the Capuchin monastery in the 1st district has been the burial place of members of the Habsburg and Habsburg-Lorraine dynasties since 1633. The bodies of 138 deceased and four heart urns rest here. The personalities who have found their final resting place here include Empress Elisabeth (Sisi), Emperor Franz Joseph, Emperor Maria Theresia and Emperor Leopold.

    31. Vienna Central Cemetery

    Central Cemetery in Vienna, Austria

    A rather unusual sight is the Central Cemetery, which opened in 1874 and is one of the largest cemeteries in the world. In addition to its spaciousness, it is particularly known for its Art Nouveau buildings, including the Lueger Memorial Church, and the graves of numerous historical figures who are buried there in honorary graves.

    These include the world-famous composers Franz Schubert and Ludwig van Beethoven, but also Frank Werfel and Curd Jürgens.

    32. St. Peter's Church

    saint peter church vienna in austria

    St. Peter's Church is one of the most beautiful baroque churches in Vienna. Already in the 4th century there was a church at this place, in the Roman Vindobona legion camp. In the year 792 Charlemagne allegedly had a church built in its place, which is represented by a relief on the east side of the church.

    The current appearance of the sacred building goes back to the new building commissioned by Emperor Leopold I after 1701. St. Peter's Church was consecrated in 1733 and is considered the first baroque church building in Vienna to have a dome. The numerous valuable images of the Virgin Mary, the high altar, the valuable pulpit and the free organ concerts that take place regularly are particularly noteworthy.

    33. Day Trip to Bratislava

    Day trip to Bratislava with the Twin City Liner in Vienna in Austria

    With the Twin City Liner you can travel from the Austrian capital to the Slovak capital in just 75 minutes, as the Danube connects the two cities. The ships bring travelers comfortably from city center to city center every 30 minutes. A trip on the Twin City Liner is also an interesting mini Danube cruise. In Bratislava, you can then visit the historic city center and the castle.

    • A popular tour is the day trip to Bratislava with an outward trip on a public bus, city tour and return trip on the Twin City Liner. Tickets are available here!

    34. Day Trip to Prague

    Day trip to Prague

    Beautiful Prague can be reached from Vienna in just three hours by Regiojet train or car, making it perfect for a day trip. Visit the golden city on the Vltava and explore the picturesque Old Town and major landmarks such as Prague Castle and the famous Charles Bridge. Shopping fans will also get their money's worth here.

    35. Day Trip to Budapest

    Budapest from Vienna

    Take advantage of Vienna's proximity to Hungary and take a city trip to the Hungarian capital. After a 2.5-hour train ride you have reached Budapest and can discover the historic old town of Buda and the district of Pest and admire landmarks such as the Parliament Building, Heroes' SquareFisherman 's Bastion and the Royal Palace.

    36. Time Travel Vienna

    Time Travel Vienna in Austria

    Time Travel Vienna is located in the historic vaults of the Michaelerkloster in the center of Vienna. Visitors can go on an exciting journey back to Vienna's past. During a virtual journey through time of around 50 minutes, you can travel through Vienna's impressive history at eight different stationsHighlights include an original wartime air raid shelter, a 5D cinema and the Virtual Reality Music Ride in the Walzer Hall.

    Popular Ticket Options:

    • Admission Ticket & "Sisi's Amazing Journey" Virtual Reality Experience: Buy here!
    • Admission Ticket, Time Travel and Magic Vienna History Tour: Secure ticket now! (Most popular option)

    37. Haus des Meeres

    Haus des Meeres in Vienna, Austria

    In Haus des Meeres, you can embark on an adventurous journey into foreign animal and plant worlds in the aquariums and terrariums of the Aqua Zoo. It is housed in a World War II flak tower. 

    About 10,000 tropical and native animals and plants are shown on more than 4000 square meters. In addition to Austria's largest aquarium, there is a glass tunnel that you can walk through and the Brandungsriff adventure aquarium.

    38. MAK (Museum of Applied Arts)

    Museum of Applied Arts in Vienna in Austria

    The MAK is one of the most magnificent buildings on Vienna's famous Ringstrasse. The Museum of Applied Arts shows around 900,000 objects and printed works from five centuries.

    The MAK's permanent collections deal with a wide variety of art epochs, such as Secessionism and Art Nouveau, which are so important for Vienna. Further highlights are the extensive Asia collection and the world-famous carpet collection of the MAK.

    39. State Hall of the Austrian National Library

    Austrian National Library in Vienna in Austria

    The State Hall is the most famous part of the Austrian National Library in the Hofburg Imperial Palace. The collection was originally founded by the Habsburg emperors with the aim of bringing all the books from around the world together in one place.

    The entrance to the state hall of the National Library is at Josefplatz 1, not at the main entrance of the National Library in the Neue Burg.

    40. Sigmund Freud Museum

    Sigmund Freud Museum in Vienna in Austria

    The Sigmund Freud Museum is dedicated to the "father of psychoanalysis.It is located in the house where Sigmund Freud lived from 1891 until he fled the Nazis in 1938. In addition to Freud's life, the museum, founded in 1971, also deals with the history of psychoanalysis.

    You can see the waiting room of Freud's practice, his work and living space, and numerous objects such as furniture, photos, letters, telegrams, and books. Private film recordings, a rarity from the 1930s, are presented in one room and commented on by Anna Freud.

    41. Vienna Music Association

    Wiener Musikverein in Vienna, Austria

    The Vienna Music Association or Wiener Musikverein is a traditional concert hall where world-famous artists played and still play. Greats like Johannes Brahms and Clara Schumann performed in what is now Brahms Hall. The building dates back to 1870 and houses the Großer Musikvereinssaal (Large Music Club Hall), also known as the Goldener Saal (Golden Hall), whose acoustics make it one of the best concert halls in the world. 

    The concert hall is known worldwide for broadcasting the annual New Year's concert in more than 95 countries. A concert in these rooms promises to be an unforgettable experience. Interesting guided tours of the building and the concert halls are also offered.

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    42. Vienna State Opera

    Vienna State Opera in Vienna, Austria

    One of the most important international opera houses is in Vienna: the Vienna State OperaIt was inaugurated on May 25, 1869 with a premiere of Mozart's Don GiovanniThe world-famous opera house in Neo-Renaissance style impresses with its magnificent architecture. The Vienna State Opera is also known for the Vienna Opera Ball, which takes place here every year. 

    With its sensational interior, the Viennese landmark offers the perfect setting for an unforgettable experience. The diverse program, which consists of 60 different operas and ballets per season, promises the finest musical enjoyment.

    43. Vienna City Hall & City Hall Square

    Vienna City Hall and City Hall Square in Vienna in Austria

    The Vienna City Hall in the city center is one of the most striking buildings in the metropolis and one of the landmarks of ViennaBuilt between 1872 and 1883 by Friedrich von Schmidt in the neo-Gothic style, the façade is one of the city's most popular photo motifs. Incidentally, on the middle tower of the town hall there is another landmark of Vienna - the bronze statue of the iron town hall man.

    With the Town Hall Squarewhich serves as the venue for numerous major events in Vienna, such as the Christmas Market and the open-air events of the Vienna Film Festival, there are always exciting reasons for a trip to the Town Hall. In the winter, Town Hall Square is also transformed into an ice skating rink and, as part of the Vienna New Year's Trail, it is a popular meeting place on New Year's Eve.

    44. Austrian Parliament

    austrian parliament vienna in austria

    The Austrian Parliament Building is the seat of the two chambers of Parliament, the National Council and the Federal Council of the Republic of Austria. The building, erected between 1874 and 1883, was designed by Theophil Hansen, who designed it in the Greco-Roman style and consistently included stylistic elements from Greek and Roman antiquity in the interior and exterior design of the building. The 5.5 meter high Pallas Athena statue on the front of the Parliament is particularly worth seeing.

    45. City Park

    Stadtpark in Vienna in Austria

    Vienna City Park, which was laid out in the English style, is the city's first publicly accessible park. You can walk around and find numerous statues of famous Viennese artists, writers and composers. 

    These include Hans Canon, Emil Jakob Schindler, Johann Strauss (son), Franz Schubert and also Anton Bruckner. The Kursalon building, which extends into the park with its wide terrace, is the scene of popular waltz concerts.

    46. Hundertwasserhaus

    Hundertwasserhaus in Vienna in Austria

    In the 3rd district, on the corner of Kegelgasse/Löwengasse, travelers come across the Hundertwasserhaus. It is not only one of the most photographed apartment buildings in Vienna, but also one of the most famous residential buildings in the world. 

    The facades are varied and colorful and have no straight lines. This expressionist landmark of Vienna was built between 1983 and 1985. The basis was the concept of the artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser, who was supported by the architect Joseph Krawina.

    47. Graben & Plague Column

    Graben in Vienna in Austria

    Graben is one of the most famous streets in Vienna. The naming goes back to an old ditch. When this was filled, Graben became one of the first modern streets in Vienna. Today, the street is an exclusive and vibrant pedestrian zone in the heart of the city center lined with luxury brand shops. 

    Many buildings date from the 17th and 18th centuries. Today they include the Augarten porcelain manufactory, Heldwein court jeweler and Nagele & Strubell court perfumersParticularly noteworthy is the striking Plague Column, one of the most distinctive works of art in Vienna. It was commissioned by Emperor Leopold I to commemorate the plague epidemic in 1679.

    48. Mariahilferstraße 

    Mariahilferstraße in Vienna in Austria

    Mariahilfer Street is not only the largest, but also one of the most famous shopping streets in ViennaThe street, named after the former suburb of Mariahilf, is also often called MahüIn addition to various shopping opportunities, there are also numerous sights, such as the entrance to the Museum Quarter, Mariahilfer Church, the Collegiate Church and the Museum of Technology.

    The side streets, with their traditional Viennese coffee housescafés and restaurants, offer a perfect opportunity for a breather.

    49. Kärntnerstraße

    Kärntnerstraße in Vienna in Berlin

    The most famous shopping street in Vienna's city center is Kärntnerstraße, one of the most expensive shopping streets in Vienna. After well-known department stores opened up in the late 19th century, the street was widened and rebuilt. Along with Graben and Kohlmarkt, it forms the Golden U, connecting traditional inner-city shopping streets.

    You can take a stroll through the numerous shopping opportunities or admire interesting historical buildings in the vicinity, such as the winter palace of General Prince Eugen.

    50. World Museum Vienna

    Weltmuseum Wien in Vienna, Austria

    With 250,000 ethnographic objects and an important photo collection with around 140,000 photographs and around 146,000 printed objects, the World Museum (Weltmuseum) in Vienna's Hofburg Imperial Palace is Austria's largest ethnographic museumSome of the world's most important non-European collections are housed in the World Museum. Many exhibits also come from the numerous journeys of the Habsburg archdukes.

    The most fascinating objects from all continents include the collection of the navigator James Cook as well as the unique feather headdress works from the time before the discovery of America by Columbus, such as the last existing feather crown from the time of Montezuma.

    51. ZOOM Children's Museum

    ZOOM Children's Museum in Vienna, Austria

    The award-winning ZOOM children's museum is located on the Museums Quartier site. Young visitors can look forward to exciting experiences, because they can touch everything in the museum's exhibition rooms, ask questions and learn with all their senses. 

    In the children's museum there are the ZOOM hands-on exhibitions, the ZOOM studio for artistic activities, the ZOOM ocean play area and the ZOOM animation laboratory.

    52. Military History Museum

    Military History Museum in Vienna in Austria

    The Museum of Military History (HGM) is located in a former military barracks, the Vienna ArsenalUnder the motto "Wars belong in the museum", it focuses on Austrian military history from the 16th century to the presentAround 1.2 million exhibits, including weapons, tanks, armor and battleship models, make the museum one of the most important military history museums in the world.

    The huge building complex itself is also worth seeing. The most magnificent building in this complex is the arsenal, in which the HGM is located today, and which impresses with its magnificent interior design.

    53. Museum of Technology 

    Technical Museum in Vienna, Austria

    The Museum of Technology offers you fascinating insights into the world of technology. The family-friendly museum is not only free for children, but also has an adventure area for children aged 2 to 6 years. In 2001, the Museum of Technology was expanded by the incorporation of the Austrian Media Library, which represents the Austrian archive for audio recordings and videos on cultural and contemporary history.

    54. Roman Museum

    Roman Museum in Vienna, Austria

    In the Roman Museum on Hoher Markt, you can discover ancient Vienna. See what Vienna looked like in Roman times and, thanks to everyday and cult objects such as figures, toys and crockery, learn how people lived back then. Children can immerse themselves in everyday Roman life at special play stations and with 3D puzzles.

    The fact that the museum is located on the site where the officers' houses of the Roman Vindobona military camp stood nearly 2,000 years ago adds even more excitement to the exploration.

    55. Madame Tussauds Vienna

    Madame Tussauds Wien in Austria

    Since 2011 there has also been a branch of the wax museum Madame Tussauds in Vienna. It is located in Vienna's well-known amusement park, the Wiener PraterGet up close and personal with international stars, personalities from Austrian history such as Empress Sisi or stars of the music industry such as Falko and Mozart.

    56. Jewish Museum

    Jewish Museum in Vienna in Austria

    The Jewish Museum has two locations. These are located in Dorotheengasse and at Judenplatz, where the excavation results of a medieval synagogue can be viewed. As a place of encounters and understanding, the museum deals with Jewish life and Jewish tradition in Vienna.

    Numerous exhibits on history, the everyday life of Jews in Austria and the Jewish religion are presented. Admission is free up to the age of 18.

    57. Burggasse

    Burggasse in Vienna in Austria

    Burggasse and St.-Ulrichs-Platz in the 7th District is the new trend district of Vienna with trendy barsinteresting shops by young designers, high-quality vintage second-hand shops and modern gastronomy, such as a vegan ice cream parlor or the bars Ulrich and ErichThe 7th district in general, with Neubaugasse, is an extremely trendy district in which many creative people have settled.

    • Take a look at our Nightlife Guide to discover more hip neighborhoods, bars and nightlife tips in Vienna.

    58. Maria Theresa Monument

    Maria Theresa Monument in Vienna in Austria

    The Maria Theresa Monument is not only a symbol of Vienna, it is also the most important ruler's monument of the Habsburg monarchy in Vienna. It was erected on May 13, 1888 to commemorate Maria Theresia, Archduchess of Austria, wife - and since 1765 dowager Empress - of Emperor Franz I, who herself was never crowned Empress.

    Through the marriage she received the honorary title "Empress". The artist, Kaspar von Zumbusch, needed 13 years to complete the monument. The gigantic work of art, which also includes four fountains, is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

    59. Palace Garden with Palm House & Butterfly House

    palm house vienna, austira

    The beautiful Palace Garden is a public park in the style of English landscape gardensNumerous attractions are hidden in the park, including the Mozart Monument, erected in honor of the composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and the popular Palm House.

    Home to three pavilions, lovers of Mediterranean, tropical and subtropical plants can marvel at plants from three climatic zones. In addition to the Café Palmenhaus, there is also a magnificent butterfly house where visitors can admire around 400 free-flying butterflies at a humidity of 80% and a temperature of 26 degrees.

    60. Haas House

    Haas Haus in Vienna in Austria

    Another unusual building and popular photo spot is Haas House, which had two predecessors in its current form. Haas Haus scores with a café, the Onyx Bar and a roof terrace, which offers a breathtaking view of Stephansplatz. 

    St. Stephen's Cathedral is also reflected in its glass facade. Since its architecture forms an extreme contrast to the opposite St. Stephen's Cathedral and other historical buildings, Haas House was very controversial when it was built.

    61. Hohe Wand Nature Park

    Hohe Wand Nature Park in Vienna, Austria

    Hohe Wand Nature Park in the Gutenstein Alps in Lower Austria, about an hour from Vienna, is the perfect excursion destination with its animal and natural world. From a llama and alpaca hike to the Hohe Wand Skywalk viewing terrace, numerous experiences and activities are offered in the park.

    62. Ankeruhr

    ankeruhr in vienna in austria

    The Anchor Clock by Franz Matsch is one of the most beautiful testimonies to the Art Nouveau epoch in Vienna. Built between 1911 and 1914, it is actually a bridge connecting two buildings.

    If you visit the Anchor Clock at 12 noon, you can witness the musically accompanied parade of 12 figures representing historical Viennese personalities. It only gets even nicer during the Christmas season, when the parade is accompanied by Christmas carols.

    63. Carnuntum Roman Town

    Roman city of Carnuntum in Vienna in Austria

    A visit to Roman town of Carnuntum awaits you on a journey back in time to antiquity. Located east of Vienna, Carnuntum was an important Roman city from the 1st to the 4th century. Today there is a reconstructed Roman district on the historical site, which takes you back to Roman times with its antique houses, the amphitheater and the Carnuntinum Museum.

    64. Lainz Zoo

    Lainz Zoo in Vienna, Austria

    Lainz Zoo (Lainzer Tiergarten) has only been open to the public since 1919. It was originally designed by Ferdinand I of Austria in 1561 as a fenced hunting ground for his family. Today, Lainz Zoo is a nature reserve and offers visitors of all ages a unique cultural and natural experience.

    There are various offers, for example the nature and forest nature trails, the enclosure with ancient cattle, various vantage points, camp meadows for picnics, a lookout tower, forest playgrounds and Nikolai chapel. Hermesvilla, Empress Elisabeth's "Castle of Dreams", which hosts various exhibitions, is particularly worth seeing.

    65. Setagaya Park

    Setagaya Park in Vienna in Austria

    You can look forward to a Japanese flair in the lovely Setagaya Park. It is one of several Japanese parks in Vienna and presents a miniature Japanese landscape with the typical elements of a Japanese gardenVarious ponds, streams, a tea house and interesting plantings with Japanese maple and cherry blossom trees fascinate visitors, especially in spring. The park is closed during the winter months.

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