15 Classical Concerts in Vienna [Compare Tickets]

Vienna is one of the main spots of music! The city was home to many famous composers of classical music, including Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven, Franz Schubert and Johann Strauss.

Music is an essential part of cultural life in Vienna and has a significant impact on the city and its identity. Throughout the year, classical concerts are held at historic venues. The offer is overwhelming!

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about Compare Concerts Vienna tickets. We have compiled a list of the most outstanding concert halls with the most renowned orchestras in Vienna, along with an overview of the most popular tickets.

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Tip: Ticket demand for classical concerts is so high that many performances sell out quickly and over a period of days. Therefore, we recommend that you purchase tickets online in advance of your planned concert visit.

Concerts Vienna: Compare Tickets & Best Concert Halls

When staying in the world capital of music, attending a classical concert is simply a must! However, with so many breathtaking concert halls and renowned orchestras, the question is which venue to choose for this unforgettable experience.

In addition, there are many Internet portals that offer various tickets for concerts in Vienna. It is sometimes difficult to choose the right ones. Therefore, we have done the work for you and compared all the tickets that are offered.

Below, we have compiled the best concerts in Vienna along with an overview of available tickets. By clicking on the option of your choice, you can buy your preferred tickets.

1. Concerts in the Orangery of Schönbrunn Palace

The concerts in the Orangery of Schönbrunn Palace enjoy incredible popularity. At the historic location where the great Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart himself once let his music resound, guests can now experience selected masterpieces by Mozart and Johann Strauss up close.

The incomparable Schönbrunn Palace Orchestra conjures up these wonderful pieces on the stage of the picturesque Orangery, accompanied by song and dance. Many tickets also offer the opportunity to combine the concert with a tour of the palace or even enjoy an unforgettable dinner in the palace grounds.

  • Address: Schloss Schönbrunn, Schönbrunner Schlossstraße 47, 1130 Vienna. (Location on the city map)

Recommended Tickets

How to get to Schönbrunn Palace?

  • By subway: Line U4, Schönbrunn Palace station 
  • By bus: Line 10A, Schönbrunn Palace station
  • By tramway: Lines 10 and 60, Schönbrunn Palace station

2. Concerts at the Hofburg Vienna

The Hofburg is not only one of the Top 10 Things to do in Vienna, but also a spectacular backdrop for classical concerts in Vienna. The magnificent halls provide a grandiose stage amidst the historic splendor once inhabited by the rulers of the Habsburg monarchy.

Here you can immerse yourself in the world of music and enjoy popular opera arias by Mozart as well as waltz and opera music by Strauss. These unique performances are provided by the renowned Vienna Hofburg Orchestra, which consists of 36 talented musicians and 6 internationally acclaimed singers.

Address: Heldenplatz, 1010 Vienna (location on city map).

Recommended Tickets  

How do I get to the Hofburg?

  • By metro: line U2, Museumsquartier Station
    Lines U1U3, Stephansplatz Station
    Line U3, Herrengasse Station
    Line U1, U2, U4, Karlsplatz Station
  • By bus: Line 2A, Albertinaplatz Station
    Line 1A2A, Habsburger Gasse Station 
  • By tramway: Lines 1271D, Burgring Station

3. Concerts at the Vienna Musikverein

Wiener Musikverein in Vienna in Austria

The Vienna Musikverein is a concert hall rich in tradition that has welcomed countless renowned musicians to its stages since its founding in 1870. Great composers like Johannes Brahms and pianists like Clara Schumann have given their outstanding performances in today's Brahms Hall.

But the real jewel is undoubtedly the Golden Hall, whose acoustics make it one of the best concert halls in the world. Let the Vienna Mozart Orchestra, which brings Mozart's famous works to life, transport you here to the era of Viennese classicism. A concert visit to the Musikverein - a place that breathes music history - is undoubtedly an unforgettable experience!

  • Address: Musikvereinsplatz 1, 1010 Vienna (location on the city map).

Recommended Tickets 

How do I get to the Musikverein?

  • By metro: Lines U1U4, Karlsplatz Station 
  • By bus: Lines 3A59A, Kärntner Ring Station
    Line 4A, Karlsplatz Station 
  • By tramway: Line 1D, Kärntner Ring Station
    Line 262, Opernring Station
    Line 71, Schwarzenbergplatz Station

4. Concerts at Kursalon Vienna

The Kursalon in Vienna is an enchanting place where music, elegance and Viennese flair meet. With its magnificent architecture, idyllic ambience and central location on the Ringstrasse, the Renaissance palace from 1867 is a top address for a special concert experience in Vienna.

In the place where the waltz king Johann Strauss II made his name, you can enjoy the wonderful sounds of classical music, performed by the talented salon orchestra "Alt Wien", one of the most famous interpreters of the Viennese musical tradition. Immerse yourself in the world of waltzes, polkas and operetta melodies and let yourself be enchanted by the lively and infectious Viennese charm of the building.

  • Address: Johannesgasse 33, 1010 Vienna (location on the city map).

Recommended Tickets 

How do I get to the Kursalon Vienna?

  • By subway: Line U4, Stadtpark Station
    Line U3, Stubentor Station 
  • By bus: Line 4A, Akademietheater Station 
  • By tramway: Line 2, Weihburggasse Station
    Line 71D, Schwarzenbergplatz Station 

5. Concerts in the Karlskirche

If you are looking for exceptional concerts in Vienna, you should definitely experience the church concerts in the majestic Karlskirche. One of the most important Baroque church buildings in Europe, the Karlskirche stands out with its imposing 72-meter turquoise dome. Inside, magnificent gold ornaments, marble and frescoes await you.

The renowned Orchestra 1756, which has its permanent home in the Karlskirche, regularly delights visitors with performances of Vivaldi's "Four Seasons". The fact that the famous composer found his final resting place in the cemetery of the Karlskirche gives the church concerts in this magnificent baroque ambience an additional historical depth ...

Recommended Tickets 

How do I get to the Karlskirche?

  • By subway: Line U1U4, Karlsplatz Station 
  • By bus: Line 4A, Schwarzenbergplatz Station
    Line 59A, Schleifmühlgasse Station 
  • By the tramway: Line D, Gußhausstraße Station
    Line 162, Karlsplatz Station
    Line 71, Am Heumarkt oder Schwarzenbergplatz Station

6. Concerts at Mozarthaus Vienna

Mozarthaus Vienna in Austria

What better place for a classical concert than the former residence of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart? In Mozarthaus at Domgasse No. 5, where the famous composer lived from 1784 to 1787, you can feel the atmosphere where he spent his happiest years and created masterpieces such as "Don Giovanni" and "The Marriage of Figaro".

Today, the Mozarthaus not only functions as a museum, but also houses Vienna's oldest concert hall, the Sala Terrena, with outstanding acoustics. Experience intimate chamber music by the Mozart Ensemble and enjoy music of the Viennese Classical period with works by Mozart, Schubert, Haydn, Beethoven and other great composers. 

  • Address: Domgasse 5, 1010 Vienna (location on City Map).

Recommended Tickets 

How do I get to the Mozart House?

  • By subway: Line U1U3, Stephansplatz Station
    Line U3, Stubentor Station 
  • By bus: Line 1A2A3A Stephansplatz Station
    Line 74A, Stubentor Station 
  • By tramway: Line 2, Stubentor Station 

7. Concerts in St. Peter's Church

Experience an unforgettable evening full of music and history in the impressive ambience of St. Peter's Church. One of the oldest and most beautiful Baroque churches in Vienna, it offers classical concerts performed by the Classic Ensemble Vienna string quartet throughout the year.

Enjoy beautiful performances of masterpieces by Mozart, Vivaldi, Beethoven, Bach and Schubert, including the enchanting first movement of Mozart's "Eine kleine Nachtmusik." The Classic Ensemble Vienna concerts take place daily at 8:30 p.m. and last approximately one hour without intermission. Admission begins 30 minutes before the concert starts.

  • Address: Petersplatz 1, 1010 Vienna (location on the City Map).

Recommended Tickets 

How do I get to St. Peter's Church?

  • By subway: Line U1U3, Stephansplatz Station
    Line U3, Herrengasse Station
  • By bus: Line 1A, 2A, Graben/Petersplatz Station
    Line 1A, 2A, 3A, Brandstätte Station 

8. Concerts in St. Anna Church

Enter the venerable walls of St. Anna Church and let yourself be enveloped by the harmonious melody of Viennese classical music. With its baroque architecture and timeless ambience, St. Anna Church in the heart of Vienna offers the perfect setting to be swept away by the magic of classical music.

Thanks to the excellent acoustics of the church, an incomparable listening experience is guaranteed while the string ensemble brings the works of Mozart, Beethoven and Schubert to life with passionate dedication. Concerts usually begin at 8:00 pm and last approximately 70 minutes.

  • Address: Dornbacher Straße, 1170 Vienna (location on City Map).

Recommended Tickets 

How do I get to St. Anne's Church?

  • By subway: Line U1U4, Karlsplatz Station
    Line U3, Stubentor Station
  • By bus: Line 2A, Kärntner Straße Station 
  • By subway: Line 126271D, Oper/Karlsplatz Station 

9. Concerts in St. Stephen's Cathedral

Stephansdom in Vienna in Austria

Enter the majestic interior of St. Stephen's Cathedral, a symbol of the Danube metropolis and one of Vienna's outstanding sound spaces. Surrounded by medieval stained glass windows, magnificent chapels and an engaging Baroque atmosphere, you can fully immerse yourself in the world of music.

From organ concerts to Christmas performances and gospel performances, this Viennese landmark offers a wide range of musical experiences. The classical concerts are particularly sought-after, featuring masterpieces such as Vivaldi's "The Four Seasons," Mozart's "Requiem" and many more gems.

Recommended Tickets 

How do I get to St. Stephen's Cathedral?

  • By subway: Stephansplatz Station
    Line U4, Schwedenplatz Station 
  • By bus: Line 1A2A3A, Stephansplatz Station 
  • By tramway: Line 2, Schwedenplatz, Stubentor or Weihburggasse Station
    Line 1, 2, 6271, D, Oper/Karlsplatz Station 

10. Concerts in the Capuchin Church

The historic Capuchin Church is a real insider tip! Many travelers to Vienna know it only as the site of the famous Imperial Crypt (Kapuzinergruft), the final resting place of the Habsburgs. But classical concerts are also offered within the walls steeped in history.

Enjoy the special ambience and the wonderful sounds of the outstanding strings of the Vienna Imperial Quartet, who perform masterpieces by Bach, Schubert, and of course Mozart's immortal "Eine kleine Nachtmusik".

Recommended Tickets

  • Tickets for "Eine kleine Nachtmusik"
  • Tip: Get a combination ticket right away and crown the evening with a visit to the imperial crypt, where Empress Sisi and Emperor Franz Joseph, among others, rest.

How do I get to the Capuchin Church?

  • By subway: Line U1U3, Stephansplatz Station
    Line U4, Karlsplatz or Stadtpark Station 
  • By bus: Line 1A3A, Stephansplatz Station
    Line 2A, Plankengasse Station 
  • By tramway: Line 126271D, Oper/Karlsplatz Station

11.  Concerts at Palais Eschenbach (House of Engineers)

Palais Eschenbach, also known as the House of Engineers, was inaugurated by Emperor Franz Josef I of Austria in 1872 as the Ringsstrassenpalais. Today, the magnificent building serves mainly as a venue for events as well as offices and lecture rooms.

After an extensive renovation, the impressive premises present a successful blend of modern flair and historical splendor. Here you can experience Viennese Supreme concerts in the charming ambience of the 19th century. Enjoy the musical works of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Franz Schubert and Johann Strauss, including waltzes, polkas, arias and duets.

  • Address: Eschenbachgasse 9, 1010 Vienna (location on the City Map).

Recommended Tickets 

How do I get to Palais Eschenbach??

  • By subway: Line  U2, Museumsquartier Station 
  • By bus: Line 57A, Museumsquartier or Getreidemarkt Stationen
    Line 59A, Karlsplatz Station 
  • By subway: Line 1271D, Burgring Station 

12. Concerts at Palais Lower Austria

In the heart of Vienna's Herrengasse rises the imposing Palais Lower Austria, a building steeped in history with a rich past. Originally built in the 16th century, the Palais has witnessed a multitude of significant moments over the years, including even the birth of the 1st Republic of Austria.

A concert in this historic gem not only allows you to immerse yourself in the world of music, but also to encounter the country's fascinating history. During a 1.5-hour performance, expect enchanting arias, polkas and traditional waltzes presented by the renowned Vienna Supreme Orchestra.

  • Address: Herrengasse 13, 1010 Vienna (location on the City Map).

Recommended Tickets  

How to get to the Palais Lower Austria?

  • By subway: Line U3, Herrengasse Station
    Line U2, Schottentor Station 
  • By bus: Lines 1A2A, Herrengasse Station 
  • By tramway: Lines 171D, Rathausplatz/Burgtheater Station 

13. Concerts at Palais Auersperg

Built in 1710, Palais Auersperg already played an important role as a venue for musical events of great social significance. Masterpieces by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Josef Haydn were already heard on the stage of the baroque palace.

Today the palace is not open to the public, but it is a venue for fairs, balls and concerts. At a concert at Palais Auersperg featuring classical music, opera singing and ballet dances, you can look forward to the renowned Vienna Residence Orchestra performing works by Mozart and Strauss.

  • Address: Auerspergstraße 1, 1080 Vienna (location on the City Map).

Recommended Tickets

How do I get to Palais Auersperg?

  • By subway: Line U3, Volkstheater Station 
  • By bus: Line 13A, Piaristengasse Station
    Lines 13A, 48A, Kellermanngasse Station
    Line 48A, Volkstheater Station 
  • By tramway: Line 46, Auerspergstraße Station
    Line 2, Rathaus/Universität Station
    Lines 1, 2, 71D, Ring/Volkstheater Station 

14. Concerts at Schönborn-Batthyány Palace

An impressive concert experience in an imperial ambience awaits you at Palais Schönborn Batthyány in downtown Vienna. The former estate of Field Marshal Adam Count Batthyány, built according to the designs of Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach in 1699, is today an extraordinary event location. The exclusive palace with baroque flair is considered a masterpiece of the Viennese baroque period.

In the imposing concert hall with its impressive architectural design, you can listen to the performances of the Vienna Baroque Orchestra, which interprets works by Mozart, Tchaikovsky and Vivaldi. The concert experience lasts about 1 hour and 45 minutes and promises an unforgettable musical journey.

  • Address: Renngasse 4, 1010 Vienna (location on the City Map).

Recommended Tickets  

How do I get to the Schönborn-Batthyány Palace?

  • By subway: Line U1, Stephansplatz Station
    Line U2, Schottentor Station
    Line U3, Herrengasse Station
    Line U4, Schottenring Station 
  • By bus: Line 1A, Teinfaltstraße Station
    Line 1A, 2A, Herrengasse Station
    Line 2A, Renngasse or Tiefer Graben Station
    Line 1A, 3A, Schwertgasse Station
  • By tramway: Lines 171, D, Schottentor or Rathausplatz/Burgtheater Station 

15. Concerts in the House of Industry

For an unforgettable concert experience with the talented Vienna Royal Orchestra, visit the Haus der Industrie on Vienna's Ringstrasse. This magnificent late historicist building was built to the plans of architect Karl König and was ceremoniously opened by Emperor Franz Joseph on March 5, 1911. Concerts are held in the impressive Grosser Festsaal, which extends over two floors.

Surrounded by ornate coffered ceilings, galleries and an imposing oil painting of Emperor Franz Joseph, you can enjoy around 90 minutes of classical masterpieces in the best Viennese tradition. The Vienna Royal Orchestra consists exclusively of musicians from the most renowned Viennese orchestras, such as the Vienna Symphony Orchestra and the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. Their repertoire focuses especially on the works of the Viennese Strauss family.

  • Address: Schwarzenbergplatz 4, 1030 Vienna (location on the Stadtplan).

Recommended Tickets  

How do I get to the House of Industry?

  • By subway: Lines U1U4, Karlsplatz Station
    Line U4, Stadtpark Station 
  • By bus: Linie 4A, Akademietheater Station 
  • By tramway: Lines  71D, Schwarzenbergplatz Station 

Tickets for Christmas concerts in Vienna

Below we have compiled the most popular tickets for Christmas concerts in Vienna:

Tickets for the New Year Concert in Vienna

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Tip from travelers for travelers

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