30 Best Museums in Vienna [with Tickets & Map]

30 best museums in Vienna in Austria

What are the must-see museums in Vienna?

Due to its rich history, the imperial city of Vienna boasts a variety of world-class museums that fascinate people from all over the world! 

From renowned art collections to exciting museums for kids and captivating historical exhibitions, these museums offer an unparalleled cultural experience.

Here, we present the 30 best museums in Vienna that you should not miss on your a trip! To make your planning easier, we have also compiled popular ticket options for you.

Ready for an unparalleled cultural experience? Let's go!

1. Albertina 

The Albertina art museum in Vienna's city center is located in an impressive palace built by Duke Albert of Saxe-Teschen, a son-in-law of Empress Maria Theresia. The largest residential palace of the Habsburg dynasty, which is worth seeing in itself, today houses the largest and most valuable graphic collection in the world.

Works by internationally renowned artists including Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael, Rembrandt, Monet, Degas, Cézanne, Picasso and Klimt can be admired here. Visitors can also take a look at some of the Habsburg state rooms.

2. Belvedere – Palace & Museum

Belvedere Museum in Vienna in Austria

The majestic Baroque Belvedere Palace is the former summer residence of the Austrian general Prince Eugene of Savoy. It consists of two separate castles, the Lower Belvedere and the Upper Belvedere, which are connected by a shared garden.

The Upper Belvedere houses a gallery of 19th and 20th century art with works by famous artists including Vincent van Gogh and Claude Monet as well as the world's largest Klimt collection, including the famous painting, The Kiss.

Exhibits of paintings and graphics from the 17th to 18th centuries can be admired in the Baroque Museum in the Lower Belvedere. The Museum of Medieval Art is located in the Orangery. The castle ensemble is complemented by Belvedere 21, in which contemporary art of various genres is presented.

3. Museums Quarter

MuseumsQuartier in Vienna in Austria

The Museums Quarter or MQ for short, in the 1st district, is the cultural center of Vienna with more than 20 museums, projects and initiatives. The huge museum complex is housed in the buildings of the former court stables and houses numerous art and museum treasures of the imperial city. The most popular museums in the MQ include Leopold Museum, Kunsthalle, the Museum of Modern Art (MumoK) and ZOOM Children's Museum.

4. Leopold Museum

Leopold Museum in Vienna in Austria

Leopold Museum in the Museums Quarter is home to one of the most comprehensive collections of modern art in Austria. It houses works by Egon Schiele, Gustav Klimt, Oskar Kokoschka and Richard Gerstl, among others. The museum is named after the married couple Elisabeth and Rudolf Leopold, who in over 50 years have assembled 5,000 works of art, including the world's largest Egon Schiele collection.

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5. Kunsthistorisches Museum (Art History Museum)

Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna in Austria

The Kunsthistorisches Museum (Art History Museum) presents one of the most extensive art collections in the world. It was built in 1891 for the rich collections of the Habsburg monarchy. Highlights include the world's largest Bruegel collection and works of art by the "Old Masters" such as Rembrandt, Michelangelo, Caravaggio and Titian. Appropriately, the magnificent interior of the building also impresses with its richly decorated interiors, domes and neoclassical staircases.

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6. Natural History Museum

Art History Museum in Vienna in Austria

The Natural History Museum, across from the Art History Museum, is home to one of the largest natural science collections in EuropeThe museum, which was originally located in the Hofburg Palace, is one of the most important natural history museums in the world. The new building was constructed according to plans by Gottfried and Carl Semper and opened in 1789 by Emperor Franz Joseph I.

Today, you can marvel at more than 100,000 exhibits in 39 exhibition rooms. Numerous interactive stations invite you to participate and discover, which is why it is also very exciting for children. Since 2014, a digital planetarium has been one of the museum's main attractions. Other highlights are the dinosaur hall and the statue of Venus von Willendorf. Children under the age of 19 have free entry.

7. Third Man Museum

Third Man Museum in Vienna in Austria

The Third Man Museum in the 4th district, not far from Vienna's Naschmarkt, is a film museum dedicated to the film classic "The Third Man". Countless props, original objects from the black and white film shot in Vienna in 1948, can be admired in 14 rooms.

The approximately 3,000 original exhibits also include photos, documents and signs from the occupation of Vienna and from the pre-war and post-war period in Vienna. Thematic events and special exhibitions complement the museum's offerings.

8. Military History Museum

Military History Museum in Vienna in Austria

The Museum of Military History (HGM) is housed in the Vienna Arsenal, a former military barracks. Under the motto "Wars belong in the museum", it deals with Austrian military history from the 16th century to the present.

Around 1.2 million exhibits, including weapons, tanks, armor and battleship models, make it one of the most important military history museums in the worldThe huge building complex itself is also worth seeing. The most magnificent building in this complex is the arsenal, in which the HGM is located today, and impresses with its magnificent interior design.

9. Museum of Technology 

Technical Museum in Vienna in Austria

In the Museum of Technology, you get fascinating insights into the world of technology. With more than 300,000 visitors a year, it is one of the most popular museums in the city. Thanks to interactive stations, children and adults can try out technical processes themselves and thus understand them better.

In 2001, the museum was expanded with the incorporation of the Austrian media library, which represents the state archive for sound recordings and videos on cultural and contemporary history. The family-friendly museum not only has free admission for young visitors, it also has an adventure area for children aged 2 to 6 years.

10. Kunst Haus Wien –  Hundertwasser Museum

Kunst Haus Wien – Museum Hundertwasser in Vienna in Austria

The Kunst Haus Wien impresses above all with its extraordinary architecture, which captivates with irregular shapes, green areas and many colors, and with great exhibitions. 

The permanent exhibition on two floors deals with the artist and visionary Friedrich Hundertwasser, to whom other characteristic buildings in Vienna can be assigned in addition to this building. On the other two floors, you can admire changing exhibitions with a focus on the medium of photography.

11. Hofburg Imperial Palace

Hofburg in Vienna in Austria

The magnificent 13th-century Hofburg Imperial Palace  in the heart of Vienna is the largest palace complex in the world. As the former residence and center of power of the Habsburgs, it bears witness to the imperial past of the former Danube monarchy like no other building and is therefore one of the most important things to do in Vienna.

Today, the official residence of the Austrian Federal President, a congress center, the National Library, the Spanish Riding School and numerous museums, including the Sisi Museum with the Imperial Apartments, are located in the huge palace complex.

The New Castle houses the World Museum Vienna, the Ephesos Museum, the court hunting and armory, the collection of old musical instruments, the papyrus collection and Papyrus Museum Vienna and the House of Austrian History.

Popular Ticket Options:

  • Skip-the-Line Hofburg Ticket & Sisi Museum Tour in a small group: Book here!
  • Hofburg and Empress Sisi Museum Guided Tour: Book your tour here! (recommended)
  • Hofburg, Sisi Museum & Imperial Apartments Tour: Buy your ticket now!
  • Vienna Pass with free admission to the Hofburg (Imperial Apartments, Sisi Museum, Silver Chamber): Buy here!

12. Imperial Apartments, Sisi Museum and Court Silver Collection

Sisi Museum in Vienna in Austria

The Imperial Apartments in the Vienna's Imperial Palace offer you a glimpse into the private chambers of Emperor Franz Joseph I and his wife Elisabeth, also known as Sisi. The dining room, the silver collection and the audience room give you an impression of courtly life in the Habsburgs.

The Sisi Museum has been affiliated with it since 2004 and is dedicated to the life of the universally popular Empress Elisabeth. Personal items such as clothes, umbrellas, fans and beauty recipes are on display to get a better idea of the real life of Empress Sisi, who went down in history as a myth.

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13. Imperial Treasury

Imperial Treasury in Vienna in Austria

With its valuable exhibits, the Imperial Treasury, which impresses both children and adults, is one of the most important collections in the world. The Treasury is located in the Swiss Wing, the oldest part of the Vienna Imperial Palace. 

Highlights are the insignia and jewels of the Holy Roman Empire, such as the imperial crown and the Holy Lance, the crown of Emperor Rudolf II, which later became the Austrian Imperial Crown, as well as precious jewels and the agate bowl, which was considered the legendary Holy Grail.

Popular Ticket Options:

  • Imperial Treasury ticket at the Hofburg Imperial Palace: Buy here!
  • Combo ticket for the Imperial Treasury, the Kunsthistorisches Museum & Kunstkammer Vienna: Buy your combo ticket here!
  • Combo Ticket: Imperial Treasury & Training at the Spanish Riding School: Book now!
  • Private Tour of the Hofburg Imperial Palace with the Imperial Treasury + Highlights of the Old Town: Book here!

14. Museum of Modern Art Ludwig Foundation Vienna (MumoK)

Museum of Modern Art Ludwig Foundation Vienna in Austria

The Museum of Modern Art Ludwig Foundation Vienna (Mumok) is the largest museum of its kind in Austria. It is located in the Museums Quarter area and its exhibitions are dedicated to modern contemporary art. Among others, works by Andy Warhol, Pablo Picasso and Joseph Beuys are on display. A cinema, a library and changing exhibitions complement the museum's offerings.

Popular Ticket Options:

15. MAK (Museum of Applied Arts)

Museum of Applied Arts in Vienna in Austria

The Museum of Applied Arts is one of the most magnificent buildings on Vienna's famous Ringstrasse. Around 900,000 objects and printed works from five centuries are presented here. The MAK's permanent collections deal with a wide variety of art epochs, such as Secessionism and Art Nouveau, which are so important for Vienna. Further highlights are the extensive Asia collection and the world-famous carpet collection in the MAK.

16. Time Travel Vienna

Time Travel Vienna in Austria

Time Travel Vienna, which is located in the historic vaults of Michaelerkloster in the center of Vienna, is a real highlight for the whole family. You can be taken back to Vienna's past. During a virtual journey through time of around 50 minutes, you can experience the impressive history at eight different stations. Highlights include an original wartime air raid shelter, a 5D cinema, and the Virtual Reality Music Ride in the Walzer Hall.

Popular Ticket Options:

  • Admission Ticket & "Sisi's Amazing Journey" Virtual Reality Experience: Buy here!
  • Admission Ticket, Time Travel and Magic Vienna History Tour: Secure ticket now! (Most popular option)

17. Kunsthalle

Kunsthalle in Vienna in Austria

Kunsthalle is one of the best exhibition halls in Europe, and is located at the two locations: Museums Quarter and Karlsplatz. International and Austrian contemporary art is presented in changing individual and themed exhibitions. Also noteworthy is the extensive supporting program that is offered for the changing exhibitions. Admission is free up to the age of 19.

18. World Museum Vienna

World Museum Vienna in Austria

The World Museum in the Hofburg Imperial Palace is the largest ethnographic museum in Austria. It houses 250,000 ethnographic objects and an important photo collection with around 140,000 photographs and around 146,000 printed objects. Some of the world's most important non-European collections are also located here. 

Many exhibits also come from the numerous journeys of the Habsburg archdukes. The most fascinating exhibits from all continents include the collection of the navigator James Cook and the unique feather headdress works from the time before Columbus discovered America, such as the last existing feather crown from the time of Montezuma.

19. Museum of Illusions

Museum of Illusions in Vienna in Austria

In the Museum of Illusions, you can put your senses to the test. This interactive museum, which enjoys great popularity, is suitable for the whole family. In addition to optical illusions, illusions and holograms, you can also see a rotating tunnel that you can walk through defying physical forces, as well as an antigravity room.

20. Bank Austria Art Forum

Bank Austria Art Forum in Vienna in Austria

The Bank Austria Art Forum is an exhibition center with temporary exhibitionsIt mainly shows artists who can be assigned to the classic modern and avant-garde art of the post-war period. Exciting special exhibitions and themed shows complete the offer.

21. Imperial Carriage Museum

Imperial Carriage Museum Vienna in Austria

The Imperial Carriage Museum is located on the grounds of Schönbrunn Palace. The most representative specimens from the vehicle fleet of the Austrian imperial family as well as well-known noble houses, in particular from Thurn and Taxis, are presented in the museum. The permanent exhibition in Wagenburg is exciting because it shows parallels between Empress Elisabeth and Lady Diana.

22. MUSA Launch Gallery

MUSA Startgalerie in Vienna in Austria

The MUSA Launch Gallery is a location of the Vienna Museum and has the function of a funding gallery. Young and still unknown artists are given the opportunity to present their works to the public for the first time in an exhibition.

23. The Vienna Museum

The Vienna Museum

The Vienna Museum is a municipal universal museum that documents the city's history with its extensive collections and exhibitions. The focus is on art, architecture, fashion and everyday culture. The main building of the Vienna Museum is located on Karlsplatz. Other exhibition halls, including the Roman House, Prater Museum, the Vienna Clock Museum, MUSA Launch Gallery, Virgil Chapel and the Neidhart Ballroom are also locations of the museum.

24. ZOOM Children's Museum

ZOOM Kindermuseum in Vienna in Austria

The award-winning ZOOM children's museum is located in the Museums Quarter. Young visitors can look forward to exciting experiences, because they can touch everything in the museum's exhibition rooms and explore them with all their sensesAsking questions is welcome here. In the children's museum there are the ZOOM hands-on exhibitions, the ZOOM studio for artistic activities, the ZOOM ocean play area and the ZOOM animation laboratory.

25. State Hall of the Austrian National Library

Austrian National Library Globe Museum

The Austrian National Library in Neue Burg is the largest library in the country. It was founded by the Habsburgs under the name, Imperial Court Library. It has been called the Austrian National Library since 1920 and houses more than 12 million items in various collections. 

Particularly noteworthy is the state hall - one of the most magnificent library halls in the world. The entrance to the state hall of the National Library is at Josefplatz 1, not in the new castle at Heldenplatz.

26. House of Music

House of Music in Vienna in Austria

The House of Music (Haus der Musik) was opened in 2000 and is located in the Palais Archduke Carl in the historic old town. The sound museum presents the history of music in both multimedia and interactive form, starting with the first instruments up to the present day. If you want, you can even conduct the Vienna Philharmonic yourself or compose your own piece of music. A great experience for young and old!

Popular Ticket Options:

  • Admission Ticket to Haus der Musik: Buy your ticket here!
  • Combo Ticket to Mozarthaus Vienna (incl. audio guide) & Haus der Musik (if option selected): Book here! (recommended)
  • Concert of the Imperial Classic Orchestra at Haus der Musik: Book now!
  • Family-friendly History for Kids Guided Walking Tour incl. the Imperial Treasury, Haus der Musik & Carriage Ride (depending on option): Book here!

27. Secession

secession vienna in austria

The striking Art Nouveau exhibition building was built in 1897/98 by the architect Joseph Olbrich for the Wiener Secession artists' association. Originally built as a temporary solution, the Secession is now one of the most beautiful places to admire classical and contemporary artIt is one of the most famous buildings in the city. Highlights are the foliage dome and Gustav Klimt's "Beethoven Frieze".

28. Sigmund Freud Museum

Sigmund Freud Museum in Vienna in Austria

The Sigmund Freud Museum is dedicated to the "father of psychoanalysis". Founded in 1971, the museum is located in the house where Freud lived from 1891 until he fled the Nazis in 1938. In addition to his life, it deals with the history of psychoanalysis.

You can view the waiting room of Freud's practice, his work and living space, and numerous objects such as furniture, photos, letters, telegrams, and books. Private film recordings, a rarity from the 1930s, are presented in one room and commented on by Anna Freud.

29. Roman Museum

Roman Museum Vienna in Austria

The Roman Museum on Hoher Markt takes you to ancient ViennaDiscover what the city looked like in Roman times and learn about the living conditions of that time using everyday and cult objects such as figures, toys and crockery. 

Children can immerse themselves in everyday Roman life at special play stations and with 3D puzzles. The fact that the Roman Museum is located on the site where the officers' houses of the Roman Vindobona military camp stood almost 2,000 years ago adds even more excitement to the exploration.

30. Jewish Museum

Jewish Museum in Vienna in Austria

The Jewish Museum has a location on Dorotheengasse and another on Judenplatz, where the excavation results of a medieval synagogue can be discovered. As a place of encounter and understanding, the museum deals with Jewish life and Jewish tradition in Vienna. Numerous exhibits on history, the Jewish religion and the everyday life of Jews in Austria are on display. Admission is free up to the age of 18.

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