25 Best Things to Do with Kids in Vienna [with Tickets & Map]

25 sights for children in Vienna

Here is our list of attractions for the whole family

Vienna is one of the most exciting metropolises in the world and inspires both young and old visitors with its exciting attractions and experiences!

To ensure that your visit to Vienna is an unforgettable event for the whole family, here are the 25 best sights for children in Vienna that you should not miss.

Let's get started!

1.  Schönbrunn Zoo

Schoenbrunn Zoo giraffe

As the oldest zoo in the world, Schönbrunn Zoo is one of the highlights of Vienna. Not only is it part of the Schönbrunn UNESCO World Heritage Site, it has also been named “Best Zoo in Europe” five times in a row. The zoo, on the grounds of the famous Schönbrunn Palace, was opened in 1752 by Emperor Franz I Stephan of Lorraine, Maria Theresa's husband, as an imperial menagerie.

700 animal species, some endangered animals, live here on an area of 17 hectares. These include pandas, tigers, orangutans, polar bears, koalas and elephants. A train commutes between the Tiergarten, the Emperor's breakfast pavilion, the elephant house and the Tyrolean Court.

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2. Schönbrunn Palace Children's Museum & Maze, Labyrinth and Labyrinthikon

Schönbrunn Palace Children's Museum & maze, labyrinth and labyrinth icon

In the Schönbrunn Palace Children's Museum, children can be princesses and princes for a day and get to know the everyday life of imperial children. For this purpose, 12 rooms in the west wing of the Residenz were converted into a children's museum, where children can become active and experience history in a playful way. What is particularly nice, however, is that the children can try out everything themselves at many stations.

In addition to the palace and zoo, a visit to the maze, the labyrinth and the labyrinthikon is an experience for the whole family. Whoever finds the right way through the high hedges in the maze will be rewarded with a viewing platform. In the labyrinth opposite, a bridge has to be crossed and a hall of mirrors provides lots of fun. The Labyrinthikon has various playgrounds for running around and playing, including a climbing frame, a hall of mirrors, a large xylophone and a water playground.

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  • Schönbrunn Children's Museum Tour with Zoo Option: Buy now!
  • Vienna PASS with free admission to Schönbrunn Children's Museum, Maze, Labyrinth and Labyrinthikon: Buy here!

3. Indoor Playground Family Fun

Indoorspielplatz Family Fun in Vienna in Austria

Vienna's largest indoor playground in the 22nd district is a small children's paradise. In the huge indoor and outdoor Family Fun adventure park, children up to the age of 12 can experience fun and action thanks to attractions such as trampolines, go-kart tracks, fun shooters, wave slides, bull riding, climbing walls, electric go-karts and much more. 

A mix of amusement park, action area and delicious gastronomy awaits the little ones in the 7,500 m² play area. The little ones are also taken care of, a 1,000 m² small children's area is dedicated to them alone.

4. Museum of Illusions

Museum of Illusions in Vienna, Austria

The Museum of Illusions is a popular destination for the whole family. The interactive museum amazes not only children with extraordinary illusions and exhibitions. In addition to optical deceptions, illusions and holograms, they can also expect a rotating tunnel through which they can defy physical forces, as well as an antigravity room. Put your brain to the test here!

5. Prater & Vienna Giant Ferris Wheel

Attractions in the Prater

A classic Viennese attraction is Prater in Vienna with its famous Giant Ferris wheelThe Viennese landmark in the heart of the city provides ultimate fun, especially with the Wurstelprater amusement park, which has been around since the early 19th century. Be sure to take a ride on the iconic Vienna Giant Ferris Wheel and look out over the rooftops of Vienna. At the highest point of the wheel, at a height of 64.75 meters, you can enjoy an amazing view over Vienna.

Another exciting attraction in Prater is the LiliputbahnFor train lovers, the Liliputbahn with its open carriages is certainly a special experience, because various locomotives, including steam locomotives, operate on the route. The almost 4 km long round trip takes 20 minutes.

But the Prater is much more than just an amusement park. It is one of the city's "green lungs" and a popular recreation area for locals and tourists alike. It is also a popular sports facility and even offers "excursions into space" in the planetarium.

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6. Haus des Meeres

House of the Sea in Vienna, Austria

Haus des Meeres is very popular with young and old. An adventurous journey into foreign animal and plant worlds awaits you here. About 10,000 tropical and native animals and plants are presented over more than 4000 square meters, spread over ten floors. In addition to Austria's largest aquarium, there is a glass tunnel that you can walk through and the "Brandungsriff" adventure aquariumIt is also exciting that the Haus des Meeres is housed in an anti-aircraft tower from World War II.

7. Time Travel Vienna

Time Travel Vienna in Austria

Time Travel Vienna is located in the historic vaults of Michaelerkloster in the center of Vienna. It is a real highlight for the whole family. During a virtual journey through time of about 50 minutes, you can travel to eight different stations in Vienna's rich history. Thanks to the multimedia experience with special effects and innovative technology, the informative journey becomes an exciting history lesson that even children will be enthralled with.

Highlights include an original wartime air raid shelter, the Virtual Reality Music Ride in Walzer Hall, and a 5D cinema that takes you back to Vienna at the time of the last major plague epidemic, or you can take a virtual horse-drawn carriage ride.

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8. ZOOM Children's Museum

ZOOM Children's Museum in Vienna, Austria

The ZOOM children's museum in the Museums Quarter has won awards. In addition to the Children in Museums Award, it received the 2011 Promising Practice Award

Young visitors can look forward to exciting experiences, because they can touch everything in the museum's exhibition rooms, ask questions and learn with all their senses. In the children's museum there are the ZOOM hands- on exhibitions, the ZOOM studio for artistic activities, the ZOOM animation laboratory and the play area ZOOM ocean.

9. Old Danube Lido

Alte Donau lido in Vienna, Austria

The Alte Donau lido is a family-friendly pool that is one of the largest and most diverse outdoor pools in ViennaIt offers various pools for swimmers and non-swimmers, and has a 150-meter-long pebble beach with slides and a Noah's Ark to play with. There are many different ways to get active in sports, ranging from football and badminton to gymnastics and fitness equipment.

10. Museum of Technology

Technical Museum in Vienna, Austria

You are offered a fascinating insight into the world of technology in the Museum of Technology. The family-friendly museum provides not only free admission for children, but also has an adventure area for children aged 2 to 6 years. In 2001, the Museum of Technology was expanded by the incorporation of the Austrian Media Library, which represents the Austrian archive for audio recordings and videos on cultural and contemporary history.

11. Fiaker

Fiaker in Vienna in Austria

The Fiaker, a two-horse carriage, is a comfortable and exciting way for children to explore Vienna. Totally kitschy for some, absolutely romantic for others, the carriages are part of the Viennese cityscape and are popular photo opportunities for many tourists. There are stands for the Viennese rental carriages at various locations in the city. During a tour, you will visit Vienna's city center while listening to exciting stories.

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12. Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum in Vienna, Austria

The Natural History Museum houses one of the largest natural science collections in Europe. The museum, which was originally located in the Imperial Palace, is one of the most important natural history museums in the world. The new building was constructed according to plans by Gottfried and Carl Semper and opened in 1789 by Emperor Franz Joseph I.

Today, you can see more than 100,000 exhibits in 39 exhibition rooms. Since 2014, a digital planetarium has been one of the museum's main attractions. Other highlights are the dinosaur hall and the statue of Venus von Willendorf. Numerous interactive stations invite you to participate and discover, which makes it even more exciting for children. And especially great, Children under the age of 19 have free entry.

A very special highlight is the Night at the Museum, in which the little ones experience an exciting program in the museum all night long.

13. Bohemian Prater

Bohemian Prater in Vienna in Austria

On the outskirts of Vienna, right next to Laaer Berg recreation area, Bohemian Prater awaits with exciting attractions. The small amusement park is particularly well suited for families who want to spend a relaxing day away from the big city. Just like its big brother,Vienna Prater, there are various rides and restaurants in Bohemian Prater, some of which are 100 years old. The center of the amusement park is the Tivoli.

14. Danube Cruises

Danube cruises in Vienna, Austria

A scenic Danube cruise is a great experience for young and old. It's one of the most leisurely and enjoyable ways to explore Vienna. During a wonderful trip through the Danube Canal, you can enjoy the imperial city from the water and relax at the same time. Alternatively, you can go on a tour of the Wachau, which is very popular with the Viennese themselves.

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15. Imperial Treasury

Imperial Treasury in Vienna, Austria

The Imperial Treasury is located in the Swiss Wing, the oldest part of the Imperial PalaceWith its valuable exhibits, which impress both children and adults, the treasury is one of the most important collections in the world. 

Highlights are the insignia and jewels of the Holy Roman Empire, such as the imperial crown and the Holy Lance, the crown of Emperor Rudolf II, which later became the Austrian Imperial Crown, as well as precious jewels and the agate bowl, which was considered the legendary Holy Grail. An audio guide for children is also available.

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16. Chocolate Museum Vienna

Chocolate Museum Vienna in Austria

Chocolate Museum Vienna in Prater is a magnet for big and small chocolate lovers. The museum's guests are greeted by a special employee, Pepper the robot. The tour of the museum is designed as a quiz, and those who take part in the quiz are rewarded with chocolates. 

Passing through a mock jungle with artificial cacao trees and jungle animals to the Chocolate Museum's basement is just a highlight of the visit. You can also prepare your own chocolate creations yourself.

17. Zeiss Planetarium

Zeiss Planetarium in Vienna in Austria

An exciting journey through the world of astronomy awaits visitors of all ages in the Zeiss Planetarium. The journey through the starry sky lets you look into the infinite worlds of spaceYou are invited to dream and gaze at the stars, be it with multimedia shows or with special programs for children and families.

18. Madame Tussauds Vienna

Madame Tussauds Wien in Austria

Since 2011, the Vienna branch of Madame Tussauds wax museum has been delighting visitors of all ages. It is located in Vienna's well-known amusement park, Wiener PraterTake selfies with international stars, personalities from Austrian history such as Emperor Franz and Sisi or stars of the music industry such as Falko and Mozart. The highlight for many is the interactive 5D experience "Sisi Uncovered 5D".

19. Danube Tower & Danube Park

Donauturm and Donaupark in Vienna in Austria

Austria's tallest building is an experience for young and old! The 252-meter-high Danube Tower on the edge of the Danube Park is a landmark of Vienna and a popular destination. On the viewing terrace, at a height of 150 meters, you can enjoy a breathtaking 360° panoramic view of Austria's capital. You can indulge in culinary delights in the tower café at 160 meters or in the rotating tower restaurant at 170 meters.

As one of the largest parks in the city, the Donaupark also offers numerous attractions, such as children's playgrounds, climbing combinations, ball courts, gaming tables with chess boards and skater facilities.

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20. House of Music

House of Music in Vienna in Austria

In the Haus der Musik sound museum, located in Palais Archduke Carlchildren and adults can transform themselves into composers. The museum in the historic old town was opened in 2000. The history of music is presented in a multimedia and interactive way, starting with the first human musical instruments up to the present day. 

Here, you not only learn more about the grandiose composers, you can become one yourself! Compose your own music and conduct the Vienna Philharmonic yourself. A great experience for young and old.

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21. Old Danube & Floridsdorf Water Park

Old Danube & Floridsdorf Water Park. Vienna, Austria

The Alte Donau local recreation area is a magnet for visitors in the city of Vienna. In summer, this idyllic place attracts with swimming opportunities, pedal boats, boat rentals and a wide range of restaurants, while winter offers pure ice skating fun.

Part of the Old Danube is the idyllic Floridsdorf water park, a popular place for young and old. About a third of the natural park is water. To the west of the water park there is a natural winter quarters for mallards, seagulls, coots, swans, gray herons. There is also a large active playground in the park.

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22. Dschungel Vienna

Jungle Vienna in Vienna in Austria

Dschungel Wien is located in the Museums Quarter and deals with performing arts. As a theater for children, teenagers and young adults, it is aimed at people aged 0-20 with various events. Each season, 60 productions are realized and played in over 500 performances. The program is supplemented by various workshops. In addition to delicious children's dishes, the jungle café also offers space to romp and play.

23. Urania Puppet Theater in Vienna

Urania puppet theater in Vienna, Austria

The Urania puppet theater in Vienna was founded on the initiative of two elementary school teachers who set up a puppet theater in an adult education center in 1948. This was very popular. Since 1950, the Urania in Vienna has housed the puppet stage, the main characters of which are Kasperl and Pezi.

24. Ice Apricot Dumplings in Tichy Ice Cream Parlor

Ice apricot dumplings at Eissalon Tichy in Vienna, Austria

The Eissalon Tichy is one of the best ice cream parlors in Vienna. Even if it took a while for the ice cream parlor's apricot dumplings, which were invented there in 1967, to win the hearts of customers, they are now considered a Viennese specialty. About 35,000 ice apricot dumplings are produced every week. The apricot is covered in vanilla ice cream instead of batter and rolled in slivers of nuts.

25. Lainz Zoo

Lainz Zoo in Vienna, Austria

Lainz Zoo was originally designed by Ferdinand I of Austria in 1561 as a fenced-in hunting ground for his family. Today it is a nature reserve and offers visitors of all ages a unique cultural and natural experience. There are various attractions, such as the nature and forest educational trails, the enclosure with ancient cattle, various vantage points, camp meadows for picnics, a lookout tower, forest playgrounds and the Nikolai chapel. The Hermesvilla, Empress Elisabeth's "Castle of Dreams", which shows various exhibitions, is particularly worth seeing.

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