12 Most Beautiful Wine Taverns in Vienna [with Map]

12 schönsten Heurigen in Wien

"Ausg’steckt is"

These words and a Föhrenbuschen - a bush of green twigs - on a sign or lantern symbolize the start of the Heurigen season and indicate that the Heurigen is open.

Some of the Heurigen in Vienna are only open a few months a year. The current opening times can be found in the Viennese Heurigen calendar.

The Heurigen in Grinzing are open all year round, for example the Mayer on Pfarrplatz in the old Beethovenhaus.

Here is a list of nice wine taverns in Vienna.

What is a Heuriger?

What is a heuriger

Wine from the current vintage is called a heuriger. Heurigen wines are light and easy to drink and may only be called that until November 11 of the same year. Winegrowers are allowed to serve wine from their own cultivation in a so-called Buschenschank.

Because of its special cultural significance, the Viennese Heurigen culture was included in the national UNESCO list of Austria's intangible cultural heritage in 2019.

Viennese Heurigen are often made from the so-called "mixed set". This refers to an original Viennese wine variety, which is made up of at least three different white vines, which were grown, harvested and pressed together on the same vineyard.

These Viennese wines are grown, among other places, on the 332 meter high Nussberg and on the 484 meter high Kahlenberg in the 19th district of Vienna.

1. Mayer am Pfarrplatz

There are numerous wine taverns in Vienna, but the most famous is probably the Mayer am Pfarrplatz traditional winery. Since 1683, Nussdorf has been pressed here in Heiligenstadt. Ludwig van Beethoven lived in the house, which is now a historical monument building, in 1817 and worked on his 9th symphony. 
The inner courtyard is overgrown with Virginia creeper, and traditional dishes and seasonal snacks tempt you in the cozy lounges. In the evening Heurigen musicians play.

Address: Mayer am Pfarrberg, Pfarrplatz 2, 1190 Vienna

2. Mayer am Nussberg

The Buschenschank von Mayer am Nussberg is located in the middle of the vineyards and offers a wonderful view of Vienna. There is an area with sun loungers for relaxation. The guests sit in the middle of the green in the vineyards on simple wooden benches and enjoy pure nature.
Typical cold snacks are served with the Heurigen.

Address: Mayer am Nussberg, Kahlenberger Str. 213, 1190 Vienna

3. Heuriger Edlmoser

The traditional Austrian winery is located on the southern foothills of the Vienna Forest. The records of the Edlmoser family winery go back to 1374. At the Gut in Mauer, you can enjoy classics of Viennese cuisine in the old winegrower's house from 1629 or in the guest garden in addition to wines from the winery and Heurige. 
Cold snacks from traditional Austrian cuisine are served with the Heurigen.

Address: Heuriger Edlmoser, Maurer Lange Gasse, 1230 Vienna

4.Werner Welser

In 2018 Werner Welsen received the title "Heurigen Landlord of the Year". His winery is one of the oldest and most famous in Vienna. Only the house wine is served, warm and cold delicacies are served. Original Viennese songs create a special atmosphere.

Address: Werner Welser, Probusgasse 12, 1190 Vienna-Döbling

5. Weingut Christ

Weingut Christ can look back on around 400 years of family tradition. The soil, location and climate on the Bisamberg are perfect for viticulture. The geological diversity is unique and explains the traditionally large diversity of varieties.
Weingut Christ has some very old vines. The winery, which was rebuilt in 2005, impresses with its modern and contemporary architecture, which nevertheless does not lack comfort.
Classic and seasonal delicacies are served with the wines and Heurigen.

A ddress: Weingut Christ, Amtsstrasse 10–14, 1210 Vienna

6. Buschenschank Wolff

This traditional wine tavern has been welcoming its guests since 1609. It is open all year round, in winter the guests sit in the cosy, rustic-style interiors, which are heated by wood-heated tiled stoves, in summer of course outside in the wind-protected Heurigenhof with terraced garden. Viennese home cooking and pastries are served. You should definitely try the "little delicacies" that come from the family recipes of master confectioner Gerhard Wolff.

Address: The Viennese Heurige Wolff, Rathstrasse 46, 1190 Vienna

7. Heuriger Wieninger

Leo Wieninger's family-run winery is considered a cult wine tavern. Biodynamic wines are offered exclusively from our their cultivation, synthetic pesticides are completely avoided. The hot and cold buffet offers a rich selection of organic, vegetarian, seasonal and international dishes. When the weather is nice, you can sit in the large guest garden.
If you like, you can visit the Wieninger Buschenschank on Nussberg and enjoy the view over Vienna, where cold seasonal dishes are served with the Heurigen.

Address: Heuriger Wieninger, Stammersdorfer Straße 78, 1210 Vienna
 Buschenschank Wieninger am Nußberg, Eichelhofweg 125, 1190 Vienna

8. Helmut Krenek at the Göbel Winery

At Weingut Göbel you will come across a Heurigen of a different kind. As soon as you enter, the relaxed atmosphere catches your eye, a cozy arbor surrounded by vine tendrils, a wild, rustic vineyard and a modern parlor await the guest. Creative home cooking and dishes that you don't necessarily expect from a Heurigen are served. Helmut Krenek values regional cuisine and animal welfare. His dishes are down-to-earth and innovative.
The wines from our own cellar come from Hans Peter Göbel, the landlord, who presses the wine himself. The Grüner Veltliner and the Mische Satz are very popular with white wine specialists, while the red wines have the reputation of being the best in Vienna.

Address: Helmut Krenek at Weingut Göbel, Stammersdorfer Kellergasse 131, 1210 Vienna

9. Buschenschank Obermann

"World's best" wines were already being pressed in Grinzing a hundred years ago. Martin Obermann has taken over the business in the fifth generation and cultivates his vineyards organically.
When the weather is nice, guests are served in the outdoor dining area, which is decorated with oleanders. An extensive buffet offers warm and cold Heurigen classics. A picnic is organized in the vineyard every Saturday and Sunday in dry weather.

Address: Buschenschank Obermann, Cobenzlgasse 102, 1190 Vienna

10. Buschenschank in Residence

Twice a year, in April and August, the “Buschenschank in Residence” by Jutta Ambrostisch and Marco Kalchbrenner takes place for 3 weeks. There is also selected food that only comes from friendly producers. Authentic, relaxed and elegant, Vienna's first winegrower serves her cold Heurigen buffet along with the wines, all of which come from her own production. Sometimes a friend plays the accordion in the chestnut garden.
A trendy address that also attracts hipsters.

Address: Buschenschank in Residence, Langackergasse 5A, 1190 Vienna

11. Winery Walter Vienna

Norbert Walter, who was born in Tyrol and grew up on a farm, has been growing wine on Bisamberg in Vienna since 2004. In addition to Riesling, his wines today also include Grüner Veltliner, Mischen Satz, Chardonnay and Zweigelt. His principles are close-to-nature viticulture and extreme care during the harvest.
In the idyllic Buschenschank in the middle of the vineyard, you can enjoy Tyrolean specialties away from the hustle and bustle in addition to Heurigen and first-class organic wines from their own vineyards.

Address: Weingut Walter Vienna, Untere Jungsberggasse 7, 1210 Vienna

12. Wailand Winery

Dr. Gerog Wailand, co-publisher of a business magazine and Krone editor-in-chief, got into viticulture as a career changer in 1996 and founded his winery Wailand. The small Heurige high up on Nussberg offers a spectacular view over Vienna. 
Grüner Veltliner, Welschriesling and Zweigelt are the main varieties of the five hectares cultivated. Cold Heurigen specialties are served in the buffet.

Address: Weingut Wailand, Kahlenberger Strasse/corner of Heinz-Werner-Schimanko-Weg, 1190 Vienna

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