Natural History Museum: Exhibition, Admission & Tips

Naturhistorisches Museum in Vienna in Austria

The Natural History Museum is one of the most important natural history museums in the world.

It stands on Maria-Theresien-Platz across from its architectural mirror image, the Art History Museum.

The museum's natural science collections include the world's largest collection of meteorites, prehistoric artifacts, gemstones, fossils, dinosaur bones and the statue of Venus von Willendorf.

Here you will find the most important information about the exhibitions, admission prices and history.

Exhibition in the Museum

Ausstellung im Museum in Vienna in Austria

The Natural History Museum houses around 30 million objects and artifacts. More than 100,000 exhibits are presented in 39 themed exhibition rooms.

Here are some of the most exciting halls and exhibits.

  • Meteorite Hall: Here you can marvel at the world's largest and oldest collection of meteorites, including the eye-catching "Tissint" meteorite from Mars. A simulator also shows a massive meteorite impact in 3D.
  • Dinosaur Hall: Huge dinosaur skeletons and remains provide information about the mighty primeval animals. The highlight is a lifelike and moving allosaur. 
  • Venus Cabinet: The absolute highlight of the entire collection and one of the most famous archaeological finds in the world is the 29,500-year-old "Venus of Willendorf". 
  • Digital Planetarium: The Digital Planetarium is one of the main attractions in the museum with its inner dome measuring around 8.5 meters in diameter. Live demonstrations on topics such as astronomy, prehistory, biology and the deep sea take place here several times a day. Please note that the digital planetarium is not included in the entry fee.
  • Zoology: This section features stuffed animals, including rare and extinct species.
  • Gem Collection: Precious gems such as emeralds, crystals and quartz are on display here, enticing you with their splendor.

In addition, the museum offer is supplemented by changing exhibitions. Current special exhibitions can be found here.

Admission, Tickets and Prices

Eintritt, Tickets und Preis
  • Tickets: Admission for adults is 12€. Children and young people under the age of 19 have free admission. Admission to the digital planetarium is not included in the admission price.
  • Annual Pass: Adults pay €33 for an annual pass.
  • Supporters & Sponsors: Anyone who would like to support the Natural History Museum can apply for membership in the Association of Friends of the NHM. The annual membership fee for individual members is €33. Sponsors pay 330€. More about this here.
  • Guided Tours: Interested parties can delve deeper into the fascinating world of nature on a guided tour. More about this here.
  • Audio Guides: An audio guide in six languages is available for a rental fee at the museum's information desk.

Here you will find a detailed overview of the current ticket program.

Children's Night at the Museum

Nacht im Museum für Kinder in Vienna in Austria

A very special highlight of the Natural History Museum is the Night at the Museum.

The little explorers not only spend the night in the Natural History Museum, thanks to an exciting program they can experience a true night of adventure.

The little ones will not soon forget the night full of exciting activities such as a torch tour, bedtime treats, a film screening in the digital planetarium, sleeping in the dinosaur room and breakfast bags.

Museum Cafe

The café-restaurant is located in the breathtaking domed hall of the Natural History Museum. Treat your taste buds to Viennese specialties while you enjoy the historic ambience of the magnificent domed hall. This is also a popular photo motif.

At Genussdinner, which takes place every Wednesday from October to June inclusive, at 7 p.m., you can enjoy culinary highlights in the breathtaking setting of the dome hall.

The highlight is the additional offering of the tour "Over the Roofs of Vienna". This night tour for 8€ is also offered separately and offers you an exclusive look behind the scenes and the history of the building. The walk through the museum ends on the roof of the Natural History Museum, where you will be rewarded with a sensational view over the rooftops of Vienna.

History of the Museum


The foundation stone for the Natural History Museum was laid when Emperor Franz I bought what was then the largest and most famous natural history collection in the world in 1750. At that time the collections were stored in the Imperial Palace.

With the constant expansion of the inventory, there was a great lack of space and a new museum building became necessary. The architects Gottfried Semper and Baron Karl von Hasenauer, who began constructing the buildings in 1871, were commissioned with this building - and the simultaneous construction of the Art History Museum.

In 1789 the Natural History Museum was completed and opened by Emperor Franz Joseph I. The two imposing museums face each other like a mirror image on Maria-Theresien-Platz.

Both museums are now among the most important sights in Vienna.


  • Address: Maria-Theresien-Platz, 1010 Vienna
  • Subway: U2 or U3 Volkstheater
  • Opening Times: The current opening times can be found on the museum's homepage.