Central Cemetery in Vienna: Info, Graves of Honor & Admission


An extraordinary sight in Vienna is the Central Cemetery with honorary graves, monuments and natural atmosphere.

In our guide to the Central Cemetery you will find all the important information, including what you can do here, a map of the cemetery, its history and information about how to get there, admission and guided tours.

What Can I Do in Vienna Central Cemetery?

Was kann ich im Zentralfriedhof machen

The Vienna Central Cemetery is the most important burial ground in Vienna and the second largest cemetery in Europe. People of all denominations are buried here. Countless famous personalities find their final resting place among the approximately three million deceased. These include world-famous composers, important artists as well as politicians and public figures.

But also numerous historical monuments, architectural sights and an idyllic nature can be explored during a walk in the central cemetery. 

Below we describe in more detail what you can do in the Central Cemetery.

1. Go For a Walk and Look for Deer

Spazieren gehen und Rehe suchen

Due to its spaciousness and nature, the central cemetery is one of the most beautiful parks in Vienna, which is why it is a popular place for walking.

On a walk through the extensive area, you can not only discover artistically designed graves and crypts, but also take a look at the unique flora and fauna. These attract both locals and tourists to the cemetery and provide an oasis of calm and relaxation.

Delightful mile-long walks lined with trees lead through the cemetery and offer wonderful nature experiences. Numerous plant and animal species can be found in particular in the approximately 40,000 m² natural garden (between groups 91 and 97).

As you stroll through the cemetery, look for roaming deer, or head to the Park of Tranquility and Strength (3rd Gate), a place to meditate and recharge your batteries.

The many sculptures and Art Nouveau buildings such as the Karl Borromäus Church also cast a spell over visitors.

2. Graves of Honor


Numerous graves of honor are maintained at the central cemetery. The nomination as a grave of honor represents a special distinction of the City of Vienna, which is bestowed on famous personalities.

Here are some of the famous personalities:

  • Musicians: Ludwig van Beethoven, Franz Schubert, Johann Strauss
  • Federal Presidents in the Presidential Crypt: Karl Renner, Theodor Körner, Adolf Schärf, Franz Jonas, Rudolf Kirchschläger, Thomas Klestil and Kurt Waldheim
  • Falco (pop singer)
  • Curd Jurgens (actor)
  • Arthur Schnitzler (writer)

3. Borromeo Church

Borromäus Kirche

A popular attraction is the Cemetery Church of Saint Charles Borromeo is a masterpiece of Viennese Art Nouveau.

The architectural gem is also known as the Karl Lueger Memorial Church because the former mayor of Vienna is buried here.

4. Funeral Museum


There is an interactive funeral museum on the grounds of the cemetery. It is in the basement of mortuary 2.

More than 250 exhibits offer an insight into the Viennese burial and cemetery culture of the past centuries.

5. Graveyard of the Nameless

Friedhof der Namenlosen

The Cemetery of the Nameless is not part of the Central Cemetery!

It is 5.2 km from Gate 4 of the Central Cemetery. It stands on the banks of the Danube at Alberner Hafen. From the central cemetery you can reach it with line 11 to Kaiserebersdorf-Zinnergasse and then change to line 76B to Alberner Hafen.

The unknown dead who were washed ashore by the Danube in the port area between 1840 and 1940 rest in the Cemetery of the Nameless. The cemetery is often listed as an insider tip, which could be due to the mystical ambience of this place.

Eintritt und Führungen

Admission and Guided Tours

  • Admission: Admission to the Central Cemetery is free.
  • Opening Hours: You can find the current opening hours of the Central Cemetery here.
  • Guided Tours: The Central Cemetery can also be explored as part of a guided tour, which takes you to the graves of honor, special graves and the cemetery church. You can find out more about this hereFiaker tours and events such as crime thriller nights are also offered
  • Audio Guides: An audio guide is also available on site for a fee.
Wie komme ich zum Zentralfriedhof

How Do I Get to the Central Cemetery?

The Central Cemetery is located in the 11th district of Vienna, Simmering, on the eastern city limits of Vienna.

You can reach it with the tram lines 71 and 11 (gates 1, 2, 3 and 4) or with the S-Bahn S7 (gate 11).

Take the U3 subway to the Simmering end station and then change to tram line 71 or 11.

Plan of the Cemetery

Grave Search

If you want to search for specific graves in the Central Cemetery or another cemetery in Vienna, you can do so with the help of this website.

Geschichte des Friedhofs

History of Vienna Central Cemetery

After the number of inhabitants and thus the number of dead grew steadily in the 19th century, it was decided in 1863 to build a new cemetery.

Finally, in 1874, the Vienna Central Cemetery was opened as the first interdenominational cemetery. At the time it was considered the largest cemetery in Europe. Since it opened, it has been expanded a total of seven times, most recently in 1921.

The Central Cemetery was not spared from the Second World War either. Bombing raids hit him hard. Around 12,000 graves and hundreds of tombs were completely destroyed. All the buildings were also damaged, including Karl Borromäus Church, whose dome was destroyed by an incendiary bomb.

Today, the Central Cemetery is not only one of the largest cemeteries in the world and the most important in the city, but also a popular destination and a place of reflection.


  • Address:  Main entrance gate 2, Simmeringer Hauptstraße 234, 1110 Vienna
  • U-Bahn:   U3 to Simmering terminus + line 71 or 11
  • Opening Hours: You can find the current opening hours of the Central Cemetery here .